Four Tips for a Better Coffee Experience

Are you someone who cannot start your day until you’ve had coffee like I am? Do you feel like your local coffee shop can never get your order correct? Check this list to see if you’re doing any of these and if you are then stop. Next time you go in for your coffee, make a conscious to not do any of the following and see if you walk out happier and with the best tasting coffee you’ve ever gotten.

  • Be polite and considerate.

Obviously you need your morning cup of coffee. It is a good idea to not be a snob when you order. Just because someone’s job is to make and serve your coffee that does not mean that you are better than a barista. Your barista controls whether the espresso machine gives you decaf or regular espresso. It would be a shame if your morning started off with a triple shot of decaf in that complicated macchiato of yours rather than the triple shot of espresso you thought you were going to get.

*if you order decaf, a barista will not give you caffeine due to the possibility of a medical condition.

  • Start your order with the size that you want.

When you start to order, your barista is not concerned about how many sugars you want in your coffee, if you want foam or not, or even what your milk preference is. First your barista wants to know the size so that he/she can grab the right size cup to write on. If you start off with saying the size that you want it will prevent the barista from having to remake it when you realize you actually wanted a large instead of a medium. Also, “regular” is not a size! No matter where you go or what the coffee shop calls their sizes, everyone understands “small”, “medium”, and “large”.

  • Specify hot, iced, or blended.

Just like with saying the size you want, if you specify at the beginning of your order if you want your drink hot, iced, or blended this prevents your drink from having to be remade. At most coffee shops, if you just state the flavor that you want it will come standard as a hot latte. Even if it is 100 degrees outside, if all you say is that you want a “mocha” your barista does not know that you want it as a blended beverage. Some people still drink hot lattes in the summer you know.


  • Avoid using your phone until AFTER you have received your coffee.

Not only can talking on your cell phone make ordering your morning coffee confusing, but it is also extremely rude. Your barista can hear you tell someone, “sorry about that, I was ordering my coffee, anyway…” It can also be confusing when you say: “hang on just a second.” With this statement, a barista does not know if you are telling the person on the phone to hang on, or if you are telling the barista that you need a moment. As an observation, people tend to not order what the mean to when they are distracted by a phone call. Sometimes this means that they order the wrong size, sometimes they order it hot and actually wanted it to be iced or as a blended drink, and sometimes that means forgetting to say skinny or forgetting that they actually wanted a dairy alternative. You and your barista will both have a more pleasant experience if you make a call or accept a call until after you have paid and received your coffee.