He Didn't Love Her Flaws, but That's Okay, Somebody Else Will

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She was in that type of relationship that made her completely question everything about herself. All because of Him.

He couldn't appreciate her for who she truly is. He couldn't cherish those little things about her that make her so great. But what he considered to be "flaws" will one day valued by someone else.

He said she overthinks everything.

But that's what makes her see the beauty in everything. That's what makes her capable of realizing all of the things she's been given in this life, and why she's so lucky. 

One day, someone will absolutely love that she remembers their first conversation, word by word. They will listen attentively, in awe, to the detailed stories that she has in her head of her beautiful memories.

He said she's too insecure.

But that's why she pushes herself to be better every single day.

That's why she never accepts anything less than her absolute best at everything; why she's so persistent, determined, and ambitious.

One day, someone will admire her ability to acknowledge her wrongs and her drive to not only make changes but to help others do the same.

He said she's too clingy.

But that affection that she showers people with is what makes her love so pure. That's what makes her heart so genuine.

One day, someone will be so grateful that she took the time out to send those long good morning texts, or called to check on them throughout the day.

They will be thankful to have someone who cares so much.

He said she's too blunt.

But that's what shows her integrity. That's what sets her apart from so many other basic girls, she knows what she feels and she's not afraid to say it.

One day, someone will be glad that they don't have to guess what she's thinking. They will be happy that they can trust in her word and know that she's uncomfortable with telling a lie.

He said she's too sensitive.

But that's what makes her so beautiful. She's not afraid to acknowledge what she's feeling. She's not afraid to give away the most vulnerable, emotional side of herself.

One day, someone will feel lucky to have someone who cares so much. Lucky to be able to look in her eyes and see how genuine she is; how dedicated she is.

He said she asks for too much.

But that's what makes her thrive. She knows her worth and she doesn't want to waste time on anything that doesn't acknowledge that; on anyone that doesn't want to work just as hard as she does in making things work.

One day, someone will appreciate her ability to challenge them. They will be grateful to have someone who not only encourages them to do better, but helps them in every way possible.

All of those 'flaws' that he saw are not actually 'flaws' at all. Some people just don't know what something real looks like. And she is as real as they come.

And one day, someone will love that about her. 

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