Here's What You Need to Clean out Your Life for this Fall Season

Just as the fall season approaches, there are just some things and some people that need to fall out of your life for good and here's a list of that clutter:

1. Your old Halloween costume. Let's be real, the next Halloween party does not need another person dressed as a kitten.

2. Fake friends. I'd rather own faux leather this season.

3. Toxic relationships.

4. Old, worn out fuzzy socks. Invest in a cute pair, you won't regret it. 

5. Bad vibes.

6. An old, melted pumpkin candle. Treat yourself.

7. Old magazines.

8. Your ex.

9. Friendships lacking chemistry.

10. Old clothing. Donate them to charity.

11. Mediocre pumpkin "delicacies".

12. Expired makeup.

13. Regrets.

14. Body shaming.

15. Discrimination of any sort.

16. Stress.

17. Procrastination.

18. Things you have no control over.

19. Toxic family (blood relations does not give anyone the right to treat you unfairly).

20. Pictures flooding your camera roll.

21. Inappropriate pictures on social media. I'm sure you need a job in the future.

22. Torn boots.

23. Discouragement.

24. False judgments.

25. Insecurities.

26. Trash in your car.

27. Trash in your room.

28. Hate.

29. Grudges.

30. People that don't need you.

31. Negativity.