How to simplify your divorce

Divorce rates are increasing daily and going through one is not an experience anyone relishes. The emotional, financial and other stress involved can be overwhelming, but there are ways you can simplify your divorce process.

Consider Divorce Mediation

Usually, the main ground for dissolving a marriage is irreconcilable differences between spouses. A divorce lawsuit can be lengthy and very expensive; opting for divorce  mediation could be the best decision you make in that aspect.

A neutral person respected by both parties is brought to handle talks and negotiation for both. The mediator assists in helping divorcing spouses reach an agreement that helps them avoid court and attorney’s time and expenses. Usually, some divorce mediation includes counseling that could end up resolving the couple’s conflict and holding off the divorce.

Get a Second Opinion on the review of Your Case

The first lawyer you see should not be just there for your consultation for a divorce, remember that it pays to get a second opinion from another lawyer. Theoretically, your first lawyer should not have a problem with talking to someone else as well, and is likely going to refer you to a other lawyer where you can get that second opinion. Even if all the second person tells you are that you are in good hands, that would be worth the extra attorney fees. Moreover, you can get fixed rates for your divorce proceedings.

Run Separate Bank Accounts Please

One of the reasons why arguments ensue in marriage is how to divide the properties, especially those that were jointly obtained or jointly owned. Properties as houses or cars might be easy to sort out, simply sharing into two, however something like monies a bank account could become hard to share. It is possible the money could be shared, but what if the other spouse had squandered the money, you’d be left no choice than to wait until the spouse can pay back.

You can save yourself all these hassles by running separate Bank Accounts from the onset of the marriage. Most times some spouses hold a secret separate account. If you have to make yours secret, then you really need that separate account much more than you realize.

All Communications Must Be Censored

Succumbing to the feeling of guilt and wanting to explain your reasons for a divorce is one temptation you should avoid with all diligence. In addition, if you must write and send those heartfelt letters, have your lawyer censor them first before sending them out. Failure to adhere to this simple point could end up complicating your divorce suit when you suddenly find your spouse tendering the letter as an exhibit in court.

Do not try to get around this by getting a close friend to review the letter, while it would save you some temporary costs in attorney fees; it would only escalate your attorney fees if it ends up as an exhibit in court.

Involve Both Attorneys from Both Sides from  the Onset.

One smart way to simplify your divorce is to get the two lawyers of both spouses involved from the beginning. Such meetings could mean a settlement within a couple of weeks instead of some lengthy trial you have no control over the outcome. Both lawyers can effortlessly compromise on the best arrangements that satisfy both parties.

Serve the Judge a full meal of your divorce  petition and not in piece meals

Want to make a claim for alimony, child custody and others that are important to you? Incorporate every claim in one petition. If not, the judge hearing your divorce petition is likely to feel irritated. Make sure you consolidate all your claims and avoid getting the judge annoyed. Don’t come to the court every week with a different claim each time.

When you are having a hard time with your divorce process, refer to this list, which will simplify it for you.