I Know I'm Handful, but That's Why You Have Two Hands

Let’s be honest here, you’ve got some major balls. 

You’ve managed to look past my some-what average face, the over obnoxious personality, deal with me crying for no reason, and that attitude my momma gave me. 

And I am pretty sure that not too many guys would be able to handle me quite like you do. 

I over-exaggerate. I talk entirely too much. I get bitchy for no reason. I worry like no other. I mean, the list goes on and on.

But yet you still love me, unconditionally.

You have dealt with all my ups and downs, my hectic schedule, and even the emotional break downs right before bed. 

You handle me like a mother freaking boss. 

You give me pep talks, you actually listen when I ramble on and on about work and girl drama. 

You know every face I make, my favorite food, which of my favorite shows come on each night and so much more.

I have loved others before you but this time, I can reassure you it’s different. It’s real. 

I mean you know my Starbucks order by heart, and that I only say “shut your face” and roll my eyes when you’re right, and you know all of my deepest darkest secrets.

And yet, you still love me. Which is beyond insane, and very commendable. 

There have been times you’ve had to practically carry me emotionally because I was drowning in stress and never have you said it was too much or that you didn’t want to deal with it.

You’re my favorite human, and I’m a better me because of you. 

I absolutely love the way you make me feel and who I have become since I met you.

You’re my other half, and you are every single thing I lack. You are the patience I definitely don’t have, the reasoning I need, the strength I look up to, and the guy of my dreams.

I commend you for dealing with all the ups and downs. And for not looking the other way and maybe finding another girl who would be just a tad bit easier. 

You have stuck with me since day one. And that in itself is like a major accomplishment. 

After all the times I have screamed in your face or told you to just leave, you’re still here. 

I can never thank you enough. 

I’m not sure there is anyone that knows me better than you or anyone that would even take the time to get to know me like you have. 

And I can’t even express how that makes me feel.

Just beyond lucky to have a guy that deals with me just the way I am.