If He Acts Like Your Boyfriend, But Doesn't Want the 'Label', Read This

It’s been awhile since we started this relationship. Can I even call it a relationship? 

We’re not friends, but we’re more than friends, yet less than a relationship.

I’m somewhere in between a nothing and a something to you. It’s all very confusing because in my mind I’m yours and you’re mine. 

You don’t want a relationship right now so does that makes me your ‘friends with benefits’?  

I don’t even know what that is and I’m not the type of girl to be okay with that…so why am I okay with whatever this is?

Because I love you and don’t want to lose you?

I do love you more than you know, but why would I want someone who won’t make a decision?

Because I have hope that you’ll change your mind?

Every time we come back to each other again, I hope things will be different – this time we’ll try and get it right, but we’re always an almost. 

I seriously hate the word almost. It’s the saddest thing in the world: to be almost loved by someone, to almost make it and I don’t want that for us.

Right now we are an almost relationship and I’m tired of saying that I’m okay with you not making up your mind. 

It’s not fair that I am constantly thinking about you, but you won’t even text back some days. You have no obligation to us when it’s obvious we’re more than friends

I’m always left wondering what to say to people who ask about my relationship status. When any guys ask if I have someone I hesitate, because I do, but it’s not labeled. 

We technically are not anything. What do I say if I can’t call you mine? I’m totally committed to you without the commitment. 

You don’t want to give us a label, but what’s so wrong with a label? I want to show you off and not be afraid of who knows. I don’t want to be kept a secret.

I’m so tired of going back and forth with you and I’m exhausted. I’m technically single, but I’m unavailable to anyone but you. 

If you’re not intending to be with me, we need to let each other go. I don’t want us to be an almost something. I want to say we made it.

I hate to leave it at an ultimatum, but we either give this a shot or not.

So, choose me, love me and fight for me, because I choose you, always.

It’s time to make up your mind.