If Love Is the Treasure, Laughter Is the Key

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Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.  -Victor Borge

The secret isn’t finding someone who meets all your qualifications but to find someone who can keep you smiling even when you are at your worst.

People don’t stay in love because they simply endure the hard times together. They had someone who made the struggle a little easier.

Staying in love isn’t easy.  

Being able to laugh with each other even when it all seems hopeless… that’s how two people make it. They find the joy in the darkness. 

You won’t find that happiness in someone who just cannot understand you. No matter how much we love them they will never be able to see us for who we really are. 

Never settle for anyone who doesn’t look at you and know you’re the best damn thing to ever happen to them. 

Who doesn’t find your jokes funny or who can’t simply look at you and know exactly what you’re thinking. 

Be with someone who matches perfectly with your humor. Who can banter with you til it becomes a competition. 

Be with someone who will makes the mundane parts of life an adventure. 

Who makes it easy to make inside jokes with you. 

Who makes a trip to the grocery store an experience. 

Who endlessly teases you but still makes you feel important. 

Who dances with you in the car and sings with you in the shower. 

The person whom you can’t hold a grudge on because you never want to miss out on a moment of happiness with them. 

This person is your absolute best friend. They never once make you feel like you’re battling life alone. 

I don’t believe in love without laughter. 

When you look back on the memories you have together, you’ll smile. 

You won’t remember the sadness, the tears, or the struggle. 

You’ll remember looking beside you and seeing their face full of hope. Knowing they keep that smile because they know you need it. 

Life is about Sunday mornings and singing and dancing in the kitchen as you make coffee and breakfast.

It’s wrestling on the bed and kissing them when you have them pinned on the ground.

It’s simply seeing the joy in their eyes when they look at you. 

I can’t guarantee you every day will be full of bliss but at the end of the day you will look at the other side of the bed and they will be laying there.

They are the one who you’re doing life with. They make everything worth it. 

That’s all we can hope for…Going to bed having a smile, feeling blessed, and knowing it’s all worth it. 

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