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If You Hate Shaving, You’ve Probably Had These 31 Thoughts

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If you’re a girl with armpits, legs, or anywhere else that grows unwanted hair, you have probably faced the oh-so-exasperating task of shaving.

When you were younger, you might have looked forward to shaving. It meant you were more grown-up. However, after shaving for the 15 millionth time knowing you will have to shave again in the next few days, you’ve learned to hate it.

You wish your hair would magically stop growing there so you wouldn’t have to mow it down day after day. Some girls seem to not mind shaving. They have silky smooth legs every day and never complain.

If you’re anything like me, you complain every time you are forced to finally shave the forest that has unsurprisingly arisen. The motivation to shave is even less when it’s cold outside.

Here are 31 thoughts every shave hater has:

  1. Ugh. I need to shave.
  2. It’s really prickly…
  3. It’s not that bad.
  4. I can hold off another day.
  5. Is anyone actually going to see my legs tomorrow?
  6. Jeans it is.
  7. No one knows what it’s like to be the hairy girl…to be the scary girl…
  8. I’m so freaking lazy.
  9. Netflix and chill with my man legs.
  10. How many days since I last shaved? Didn’t I shave yesterday??
  11. I don’t want to mess with shaving tonight. Hair is natural.
  12. Skinny jeans and leg hairs are not friends..ouch!
  13. My boyfriend is going to dump me when he sees how I’ve let myself go.
  14. He’s supposed to love me no matter what, right?
  15. If he can’t handle me at my hairiest, he doesn’t deserve me at my smoothest!
  16. It’s so long that it’s soft now.
  17. I can actually pet my own legs. This is not natural.
  18. Does that make me a cat?
  19. I’m a cat and cats don’t shave.
  20. Okay, I am no longer comfortable in my own skin.
  21. I have to shave tonight.
  22. I guess this isn’t so bad…
  23. Why, oh, why did I wait so long to shave??
  24. My legs….they’re so soft! WHO KNEW??
  25. Feel! FEEEEEEEL!!
  26. I’m going to shave every day from now on!
  27. Shaving isn’t so bad!
  28. Good morning from me and my hairless legs!
  29. …It’s back.The hair is back.
  30. I’m not even going to waste my time.
  31. No shave November…no shave ever?—Anyone?

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