If You're Doubting Your Self Worth, Read This

The shitty thing about becoming inseparably close with someone is this; they know exactly how you tick. 

They know how to make you feel special, the exact words to say to you. Exactly how to look at you, exactly where to touch you and when, exactly how to talk to you with every situation life throws at you, exactly how to comfort you to make you feel like life might actually be going back normal. They know how to make you think they understand and know what you’re going through, as if they have been through it multiple times themselves. They know exactly how to keep you wrapped around their finger in the perfect way, and they gain satisfaction from it. 

What’s worse then that? 

You are the one that suffers from it. You are the one that has to figure out how to unwrap yourself from them, when you were so blindsided by them making you feel so special like you truly were one of a kind. 

Well here’s the hard truth; all they were doing was trapping you. That’s why self-love is so important; have confidence to know yourself. That you’re unique, that you’re one of a kind. Don’t ever count on someone else to make you feel your self worth. 

It’s toxic.