Inside the Mind of a Girl Who’s Terrified of Commitment

She always feels inadequate.

Whenever she sees her loved ones entering into these relationships, she feels a lot of things because she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to let herself enter a relationship when she is so terrified of them.

She wants to be in a relationship, she just doesn’t know how.

She wants the comfort of a relationship she knows was built to last, but she’s absolutely terrified. She doesn’t know how to be in a relationship when the very thought sets her off screaming on the inside.

And hearing “It’s really not that hard” and “Just do it” does not make it any easier for her.

To her, relationships are this unattainable thing, because they are so far out of her zone of comfort.

She desperately wants to believe it’s that easy, but it’s just not to her.

She spends evenings panicking about her future. Because the last thing she wants to do is end up alone, but she just can’t picture herself being with someone for life.

She dreams about a wedding, but she secretly wonders if she’ll ever have one.

While she can settle on themes and fabrics, she can’t settle on one guy. She feels like maybe she’s missing her ‘commitment gene’, because she can’t imagine ever being with one person for the rest of her life.

She has the biggest fear of settling. Settling for the wrong person, settling down… it’s all tearing her up on the inside.

What if she makes the wrong choice? What if she finds one guy, and then meets ‘the one’ down the road?

The thought terrifies her, so she refuses to agree to a guy if she could potentially hurt him in the future.

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