Instead of Ghosting… Try Being Honest.

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2 Weeks.  14 Days.  336 Hours.

For the first 2 weeks we were acquainted, you seemed to never have enough things to say.  You never felt bothered by all of the things I said to you.  You never seemed to put your phone down.  I had a response to any and all forms of communication within minutes.

The flirting.  The memes.  The gifs.  The jokes.
It was fun.  Pretty intense, but so much fun. 

And then… you disappeared.  
Dead air.  Crickets.  

Did you die?
Where you in a terrible car accident?
Are you in a coma?
Did you break or lose your phone?
Did I miss the information of an international vacation?
Did your fingers get cut off in a bad bet with your bookie?

The answer to all of these questions is no.  Just no. 

The only explanation I can come up with is that you’re not ready.  
Not ready for me, not ready for a relationship, not ready to date, not ready to make friends.
One of those.  Whichever one is 100% totally and completely acceptable.

Do you know what is unacceptable?  
Leading me on.  Making me believe you were a good person.  Driving me to the point that I become the “crazy” girl because you can’t answer a simple text message.

Here’s some advice for you.  Next time, because I know you’ll do this again, JUST BE HONEST.  
If you’re not ready… tell her that.  
If you’re not interested… tell her that.  
If you don’t think she’s the one… TELL HER THAT!

I would personally rather know that I was not at all what you thought I was going to be, or that you thought you were ready after your divorce, but you’re just not.  I would want to know that you are seeing multiple people, but you don’t want to add me to the mix, that works too.  Whatever your reason is, just give it to me straight, no chaser.

Men are so afraid of what a woman is capable of when she’s angry.  Understandable.
They don’t want to deal with the drama.  Also, understandable.

But if this is what has come from your last few dates… try something new!  


Enjoy And Share