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Let Me Change With the Leaves of the Autumn Breeze

Every single year I look forward to Fall

Out of the four seasons it is my favorite of all

I hear through my bedroom window the howling of the wind

Which reminds me this particular season will always be a friend

Honey baked ham and sweet pecan pie

May put a few extra pounds on the edge of my thighs

Sipping warm apple cider as I walk through the pumpkin patch

In hope that it is a cold I somehow do not catch

I watch the leaves change their colors as they fall from each tree

I look around at every miracle in this life that I see

Watching Disney movies and drinking hot cocoa

Wrapped in my fuzzy blanket with no place to go

Roasting marshmallows over the hot blazing fire

Dreaming of the love from a man whom I desire

My cheeks start to flush and my nose begins to run

Then I realize this season has only just begun

Holding my lovers hand as I lay on a pile of hay

I gaze at the stars and wish that it could stay this way

The fire burns out and the days grow colder

The Autumn breeze calms itself and my hands begin to look older

My lips start to chap and the snow starts to fall

Then I remember the days of Autumn, the best season of all