Life Lessons Your Dog is Teaching You Without You Realizing it

Looking at your dog barking joyfully and wagging his tail can make you forget all your troubles in a second. But have you ever taken the time to consider where your furry friend gets all his joy from? If you watch him closely, you’ll probably learn the following lessons on life and happiness:

Achieving happiness is really not that hard. Ever noticed how dogs love being rubbed on their belly? This very simple act brings a world of joy to them. 

Likewise we humans can also learn to derive happiness from the simple things in life like spending quality time with the ones we love, even if it’s doing goofy stuff.

Play should be an important part of your life. Dogs will never tire of playing, whether they’re chasing ducks, having a splash in the water or playing catch. 

You too shouldn’t let life’s duties and chores bog you down. Find out what it is you love doing and put it down as a priority in your to do list. Whatever brings a smile to your face, do it on a regular basis. It’s the everyday routine things we enjoy that are the most important.

Your happiness can make others happy. Isn’t it heartwarming to come home in the evening and find your eager dog happy to see you? His wrapping around your feet, tail wagging and all his panting and excitement can teach you this very simple lesson – when you’re happy, you should spread the cheer around. 

Smile, chat with a stranger during your commute or post a positive message on Facebook. It’ll do a world of good to everyone.

There’s no time more important than the present. You know how your dog can nag you for food, play time or when he wants to go out for a walk? Dogs have a You-Only-Live-Once attitude, probably because their life expectancy is only ten or so years, although that varies considerably between even eg brindle breeds. If you need to do something important, do it now! 

Life is too short to wait until the perfect moment to do the stuff you need to get done. Think about all the time you waste procrastinating and live a little more like each moment matters, just like your canine buddy.

Holding grudges is really a waste of time an energy. Humans are probably the only species that feel resentment towards each other. 

Dogs, on the other hand, solve their problems and move on when they’re in a pack. By not holding grudges or worrying about yesterday’s events dogs teach us that forgiveness and living in the now gives us back our power and humanness, helping us to move on with our lives. 

We might make provisions for our future presents but the present moment is really the only moment we live in. As Gandhi said, “Holding grudges is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”.

You should always trust your gut. Many of us hardly take the time to develop our intuition. Unlike dogs who are led by their instincts, humans tend to rely more on words and the face value of something. 

If we spent more time sharpening our intuition it would make our lives more peaceful, uncluttered and fulfilled. Try not to be such a perfectionist and go more with what your first instinct. Avoid paralysis by over analysis and remember, “Done is better than perfect”.