My Skin Color Is Brown And I Am Proud Of It

Yes, my skin is brown. You can probably pick me out easilyin a crowded place because I might be darker than those around me. There are plenty of individuals that judge me based on the melanin I carry. I get judged because I am not from this country. I get judged because I do not fit the norm of white skin, blonde hair, and colored eyes. Sadly this year we have gone back in time and racism has been seen due to the president we now have in power.

My skin color is only a threat. My skin color symbolizes my roots, my culture, and my ancestors. My brown skin symbolizes hard work and determination. Against all odds, I stand tall and proud with my brown skin color,brown hair, and brown eyes. Seeing me is seeing hundreds of years of my ancestors fighting to keep their lands, fighting to survive, strength to not bewashed out. My skin represents rebellion against adversities thrown at me. I carry my parents on my appearance, their parents before them, and their parents before them, and so on and so forth.

My skin is not a challenge to me, my skin is my biggest threat to those that not hold the same dark tone of skin. Some might see my skin as threat, and in all honesty, I am proud. I am a threat because I just like many others with dark skin symbolize evolution. We symbolize change, andsadly change makes many people uncomfortable. I feel no shame to have brown skin.

My brown skin yells courage, courage because just by the waythat I look other people will judge me and think, “She is an immigrant”. I will not argue that, I am an immigrant but with that said my brown skin, dark hair,and dark eyes represent not being privileged and getting things handed to me. Judgment,criticism, being belittled are only some of the few things I have dealt with since a very young age. I use to be scared and intimidated, but now I use it asfire to become more educated and work towards my dreams and goals without beingprivileged.

I will stand tall for those with different color skin thatgo through the same difficulties. For those generations after me that will still face judgement. I will stand for the people that only want a better future for their families without harming others. The skin color of each persontells a story, do not be a fool and judge them because of it.