Online Dating Profile Do's and Don'ts

Your profile is basically like picking up a DVD and reading the synopsis on the back, you want to draw in the crowd so they want to watch it right? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts about your profile. 


Your picture is the first thing people tend to look at, its just the way our image obsessed society is, and pictures say a thousand words. You want those words to be positive and many of the pictures I come across pretty much just spell out douchebag or Priss.

Refrain from shirtless (or nearly) pictures or gym pictures. I am sure that you work real hard to get that rock hard body, and you should be proud of that, but sometimes it comes off as a little cocky; and that is not a very attractive quality people  want in a partner. I mean it all comes down to what you are really looking for and if its just a hook up then I suppose its cool to show your half naked body.

Mirror pics are a good way to say I think I’m pretty…or also a good way to show just how messy your bathroom is and how dirty your mirror is.

Pictures with the opposite gender, if its a family member that’s cool, just make sure to say that in a caption. People are on a dating site to find someone that will be interested in them, having pictures with your best friend of the opposite gender just turns a light on in our heads saying oh hey look at the competition; or they are in love with them but got rejected, I could be their next rebound…fantastic.

Where’s Waldo pictures, you know what I mean big group pictures that makes it very hard to really make out exactly who you are and what you look like.

Avoid pictures that do not show your entire face, for example no ski masks (they make you look like a serial killer anyway), no sunglasses ect…

Pictures that include drug paraphernalia or cigarettes also tell us I care more about being high then about getting serious about anything. Also it is sort of gross if you smoke like a chimney, it means I get to kiss an ashtray eshh.

The number one thing that attracts people is a big smile or laughing and enjoying themselves, there is nothing sexier. But if you have a scowl on your face or your doing the gansta stance (come on you know what that is), then people tend to think hmm I wonder if they have a mental problem, or if they are a player.

Include animals, if you have a dog or a cat include them in the picture, it shows that you are sensitive and love animals.

Screen Name:

Your screen name is probably the next thing many people look at, if your screen name includes the words hot, cute or any other type of adjective that is supposed to make you look good, usually it makes you look cocky.

If it includes the name of some sort of illegal or mind altering substance that basically says I am not a responsible human being and I am going to be a teenager forever. Refrain from it seriously.

Lastly do not choose a name that makes you seem sad and pathetic, if it has lonely or something along those lines it is not only scary to a person, it says I will marry the next person to message me back. It also sells that you are clingy and annoying.

Choose a screen name that identifies you, if you have a favorite sport, movie, book ect. use something where that is easily identified and can spark up a conversation.

Profile Content:

Talk about yourself, include your job title or your major in school something that shows you are doing something with your life. Also talk about some of your favorite things, if someone reads you love comedy’s they may ask you what your favorite one is.

Many profiles I come across doesn’t have anything written accept; I don’t want to write anything, then we will have nothing to talk about. Truth is if I message you and have nothing to start the conversation with then we really will have nothing to talk about. Write about yourself.

Also do not include past relationship drama, it drives us crazy, if we ask then spill your guts by all means but usually we don’t until later on in the relationship.

Do not offend the possible population of prospects checking out your profile, I have read some profiles that have said things like girls belong in the kitchen and nowhere else. Excuse me but I did not work hard my whole life to get a college degree just to cook you dinner. Get over yourself.

Online dating is tough, make it easier on yourself and use the brain we all know you have!