Panty-Reading: The Phases of Your Relationship, As Told By Your Underwear

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What can your underwear, your undergarments, your panties, your delicates, tell you about your relationship? Actually, a lot more than you would think….

The “first date” panties 

Whether you’re looking for sex on the first date or prefer to wait a bit, these will be one of the nicer pairs you own. 

You want to feel sexy and confident, and nothing does that like your nice panties. They’ll also most likely match your bra.

The “first-time” panties 

Yup, these make all of you look flawless. They are hot, too skimpy, and not always comfortable but so damn worth it. 

And, again, they’ll match the bra – they might even be the same set as the first date set.

The “we’ve been doing this for a bit” underwear

As you two get better and hotter, the underwear becomes less and less of a concern. 

These are still sexy and make your ass look amazing, but at the same time they might not always be your best, and that’s okay. 

The “meeting the parents” panties 

Yup, this is a thing. 

You want to dress to the best, so you wear panties that will show off no panty lines whatsoever, and your bra will make you look good but still modest, so who cares if they match. 

These are still functional, but they also still have to be somewhat sexy because who knows what happens after you leave his parents’ house. 

The “on my period but don’t want him to know” panties 

All shades of red and pink are on call for this.

Sure, we’d love to be open about all of our bodily functions, and we’ll get there. However, for now, it’s time for underwear that will match and problems Mother Nature throws your way.

The “on my period and don’t care if he knows” underwear 

At some point, he’ll know, and he might even be the one running to the store for tampons. 

These are functional, most likely stained, and you couldn’t give a shit because they are the real soldiers in your life. And, oh yeah, what bra? 

The “just moved in together” panties 

These are a little more fabric than your “first-time” panties, but not by much. 

They’re cheeky, cute, and still comfortable to sleep in. 

Playful and sexy is the name of the game here, and they will probably match the bra. 

The “actually moved in together” panties 

These are pretty similar to your actual period panties. You don’t care what they are, and you want to feel comfortable. 

Plus, he’s seen them all since you share a drawer. 

The “spicing it up” panties

These might be purchased for a holiday, or his birthday, or something like that. 

Now that he’s seen all that your underwear selection has to offer, you have to remind him that you can still pull off sexy and hot panties as well. This might not even be just panties, but more lingerie. 

The “who cares” underwear  

By this, I mean nothing. Good ol’ commando. 

Whether you’re not wearing anything under your sundress, pajama pants, or sleeping naked, we all know that this is his favorite…and our favorite too, because how much more damn comfortable can you be?

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