She Blames PMS Again. Should Her?

She's angry? PMS! She's  moody? PMS! She's hungry? PMS! 

Whenever women had their PMS and whatever went wrong that day they would blame their PMS.

Is it okay for women to blame her moody day because of PMS?

As I guy it's not wrong for them to blame PMS. I had few girlfriends in my life and each of them reacts and handle their PMS differently. Even my female friends handle them differently because even though they are having PMS but it's not the same.

Same PMS Different Reaction?

Some women will feel excruciating pain. Some women will feel light pain. Some women doesn't really feel it except having back pain and few pimples popping on their face. They also deal with their pain differently. I know someone who would just talk to their private part nicely and pampered them. Some of them can't even stand and basically bed ridden for days. Some of them  would just endure the pain and made grumpy face without them realizing it.

Men Will Never Understand!

For sure men will never understand how PMS  feels like. Unless there are new technology or inventions later on. We can't understand how the pain work but we could understand the process they are going through. It's the day where men should be more alert and caring but it should never be treated as a handicap.

What Men Can Do?

1. Be more understanding.
2. Help her out with her needs and things..
3. Comfort her as much as you can.
4. Makes her feel appreciated and loved.
5. Never add more stress than what she already had.
6. Ask her to do things that would make her day feel better.

My Final Say…

I knew some friends that  really hate their period and wished that they were born as a male. I'm calling men out there to think it this way. How often do you think we spend time with our partner that we treated her profoundly? To treat her with so much care and attention?

One of the time would be during their PMS! Even we men would like to be treated nicely while we were sick. Isn't that right?

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