She Loves Him With Her Whole Heart, But He Makes Her Feel Worthless

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Where does she turn?

Especially when the one who's suppose to be there for her, is the one hurting her.

She feels so alone.

This type of pain is different. It doesn't bleed but it scars over her heart over and over again.

It eventually hardens her heart to the point where she no longer feels anything. She then becomes numb. 

The love she has for him is so strong that she forgets what she deserves.

Eventually his words become engraved in her being.

She starts to believe every horrible lie he says of her.

She feels like her self-worth is non-existent.

She thinks eventually it will get better. That this is temporary, or this isn't who he really is.

So she forgives him and keeps forgiving him because she feels that's the only option. 

If he makes her question her worth, he's already won. 

No one. Absolutely no one should ever make her feel less than who she is.

This person has a sick need to cut her to feel a void within himself. 

It's hard to heal from this. Emotional abuse isn't talked about or even understood.

Outsiders tell her to get over it or just leave the toxic situation. 

They will never understand how trapped she feels when her mind keeps telling her no one, not even he will ever accept her.

When she does leave, she's left with emotional scars that become imprinted on her soul. 

To most, invisible but to her they're overwhelming.

I want her to know that her worth will never be the lies he's said about her. 

That the brokenness she feels isn't forever. 

It's hard to see the light, especially when she wakes up everyday with his voice telling her that she's worthless, unlovable, and you will never become anything more. 

I want to remind her of her worth.

She matters to this world and she will do great things.

You're allowed to feel broken but my dear, you deserve to feel valued. 

Your existence matters.

Healing takes time. Some days it feels impossible. 

I want her to hold on to this hope that it will get better and that who she is, is something this world needs.

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