Signs You're the Eternally Single One in the Group

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So you’re single. And you like it for the most part, but then one day, you suddenly realize all your pals are coupled up. Here are some signs you’re the eternally single friend in the group.

1) Your friends are constantly on the lookout

Your friends all want to go on double dates, but you’re the established third wheel. You know your worth, so when they set you up with duds, you’re quick to shut them down immediately. They’re constantly telling you they want to see you with someone. 

2) You’re always convincing others to go out

Since you’re single, you’re all about going out when you can. You love the excitement of dressing up and meeting new people, but the only problem is that the rest of your friends want to stay in. 

They’re settled in with their significant other with Netflix and sweatpants, while you’re trying to perfect your winged liner and get a couple shots in before going out.

But somehow, you make it work. You find other single people to chill with, and make more bonds because of it. 

3) People always ask that dreaded question

People say how great you are and constantly ask why you’re single. Like there must be some reason why you’re single. You get ridiculous things said to you all the time.

Why are you single? You’re so pretty. 

So I guess it’s my personality then? Are these supposed to be compliments?

4) You’ve mastered  the act of turning someone down

You’re constantly exploring different relationships, but they don’t last long. You’re coming home with different stories about different people. 

Dating around is something you’ve mastered and you can do it at such a fast pace. Your friends find it hard to keep up, but they love your crazy, nutty stories.

5) You’re always out and about

Because you’re focusing on yourself, you live your busy hectic life. You have a ton going on with your life. You’re grabbing coffee with your friends in between work and whatever else you have going on. 

You’re constantly challenging yourself to take on more because you want to work on yourself rather than scouting for someone. 

6) You love your freedom, but no one gets that

You love being single, but people assume you want to be in a relationship. You’re fine being single, but for some reason, people question your happiness. Like there must be some sort of fundamental problem with you for being single.

Your friends on the other hand know you love living your life as a free spirit.

7) You always have that awkward moment when…

When you do hang out with your coupled up friends, it’s so incredibly awkward when they’re all in their couples, while you’re alone. 

While at parties, they’re in a corner casually getting drinks, while you’re busy mingling and dancing. It can feel like you’re the normal third or fifth or seventh wheel. 

Your friends don’t mind though. You have all the excitement of going out and meeting someone new.

8) You embrace that independent life because you’re a girl boss

Sometimes being single can feel like you’re lost, but you’re the type of person to embrace that independence. You’re used to handling situations alone and people respect that about you.

You’re known for being a boss on the daily, and your friends lean on you when they need advice or have relationship drama. And you’re there with a cocktail and open ears. 

At the end of the day, you wouldn’t be your crazy self if it weren’t for the amazing experiences you’ve gone through and the independent attitude you have.

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