Surviving Abuse In The Workplace 101: Knight Edition

Every morning you put on your amor and pick up your sword to face the dragon. You ride up to it on your horse, thinking that today will be day that you conquer it. However, it is only met with you cowering at the sound of its voice, panic attacks as you sense its presence and anticipate the mistakes that you will make while enduring its wrath, and then the constant reassurance that maybe this is not as bad as it seems. 

But then one day, you wake up and ask yourself, “How did I get here?”

Although many of us do not wear armor or carry swords to work; sometimes we still endure the wrath of another beast…a.k.a. The Supervisor. 

Muahahaha…Okay, rewind…

I’m not saying that all supervisors are dragons, but how many of us have or have had a boss that for some reason just doesn’t like us? Ones that just treat us differently and will jump at any chance to humiliate us in front of all of our coworkers and customers. Ones that just seem to have it out for us. And no matter how hard we try to please, it is never good enough.

So, really how did we get here?

Simple, we fell into the trap that so many of us fall into nowadays; so eager to start working in such a starving economy that you let the little things slide. You ration them away saying that it is okay. You were the one that made the mistake and your boss is only doing his or her job. You try harder only to be sucked in by the twisted game of reward and punishment. 

Yes, you get a good job every once in awhile, but the moment something goes wrong whether your fault or not you are reprimanded and belittled. And yet, as bad as it feels you know that you can’t quit. In today’s job market who knows when you’ll be able to find work again.

However, under no circumstances do you deserve this. Under no circumstances does anyone deserve this. Trust me, I’ve been there. Falling into this trap is a lot easier than most people realize. And unfortunately, many of us can confess to that.

But, first things first.

Step 1: Take a deep breath and know that this is not your fault. Abusers in any situation love the victim blame game. Don’t fall for it. You are a person and deserve to be treated with respect. I don’t care who your boss is.

And yes, you may make mistakes on your job, but guess what, we all do. If your supervisor can not speak to you in a respectful non abusive way, then he or she is just a bad supervisor.

Step 2: Collect, save, and make copies of every abusive, email, text, instant message, etc that you have and send them to HR, but make sure that you save a copy for yourself.

These claims will make your case stronger and protect you from any legal ramifications.

Step 3: If nothing changes and the work environment becomes more toxic than you can handle, then it is okay to quit. Yes, jobs are not always easy to come by, but your health is always more important. 

And sometimes, it truly isn’t worth it.

Life is notorious at giving all of us curve balls. And, sometimes it’s cases in which we have to leave our jobs and maybe take a job that we don’t like for a while that pays us even less and that’s okay. The right job will come, it may just take a little longer than we expected. 

I know it sucks, but be patient.

Put on that battle armor, keep your head of high, and keep aim your sword straightaway. 

Life may not be easy, but look at this way. Every knight has a few battle scars, but it’s always the knights that can get back up after he or she has been knocked down that will eventually slay the dragon.

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