Thank You, A Letter To My Mother

Dear Mom,

You raised me. You pushed me out of your womb and into the world, and I’ve been whining ever since. You traded your own time, money, and life to take me on spontaneous road trips, cook family meals, take me to camp, read me books every night, oh the list goes on. You know that I am thankful. I wasn’t spoiled, but anything I needed was always there. You inspired me to travel,  to love, to learn and helped me pick up the pieces after every broken heart.

I am thankful

I would not be the person I am today without you. You taught me how to be polite, how to follow my heart, how to be safe and still wander the world, and how to use power tools. You told me my cooking was great and ate every meal when it really sucked. You answered every 3 am drunken phone call over a boy. You picked me up, stumbling, from numerous parties when I was definitely underage.

You also grounded me for months on end because of that (it’s okay, I understand it now)

You challenged me to be my own person, and even though I still don’t even know who it is, somehow you do. You manage to know me, all my faults and flaws, and still love me. You’ve even loved me enough to let me hate you.

I am lucky

You’ve bailed me out more times than I can count, covered my ass, and lied for me. You made our family eat dinner together. You supported me and loved me when I didn’t even love myself. I am lucky for every time you sat outside and drank beers with me, for every shared evening, for every shared tear. I am lucky to have a mother who is my best friend, who I am comfortable telling my dreams and fears to, and who I can still crawl into bed with after a bad dream at the age of 22.

I am inspired

Because of you! You inspire me every day. You manage to make everything okay when it feels like my entire world is crashing down. You’ve opened up to me as I’ve grown older, and I am so proud of all you have overcome. You are incredibly strong. Sometimes life isn’t always fair, and you don’t always get your way, but you always emphasized that you will always love me, and because of that I am able to follow my dreams.

I am free

You prepared me for all of this. Every single moment you were readying me for this point in my life. When I left for school, I still came home to see you. Weekends, holidays, etc. But now I’m living across the country and it’s a much longer commute. But I am ready. At this point, there are few things I’ve learned a little duct tape and beer can’t fix. I still do not own a vacuum, nor do I know how to cook anything without burning it, but I think I’ve got it all under control. That is all because of you. I appreciate the fact that you let me go, you dared me to find myself, and want nothing more than for me to be happy.

I am thankful. I am lucky. I am inspired. I am free. But most of all, I am loved. I am loved by the most amazing, giving, mother/best friend anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for your sacrifices, tears, support, life lessons, and laughter. Thank you for everything.

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