The Best Drinking Game for You and Your Girls When You're Swiping Left and Right

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What’s better than swiping left and right sober? Swiping left and right drunk.

Gather your single girls around and start swiping — Bottoms up!

Take ONE sip every time…

  • You match. Start at a distance of 5 miles away. When you run out of people in your area, increase your distance by 5 miles each time this happens and repeat.
  • A man uses a photo of a dog to get a right swipe.
  • There’s a fuckboy with a shirtless mirror pic.
  • You backtrack or try to. Pound your drink if you try and backtrack and you’ll all out of chances.
  • You see someone you know in real life. Swipe right no matter what. 
  • You see a profile that quotes Michael Scott.
  • You thought they were attractive until you got to the last photo.

  • A guy is either lazy or mysterious and has no bio.

  • A profile uses an obscene amount of emojis to express their many hobbies.

  • A guy has a pic with a child or a girl and then specifies in their bio “Not my kid” or “Not my girlfriend.”

  • You see a gym selfie.

  • A guy asks you a question that can be answered just by looking at your profile. 

  • Their profile specifies their height.

Take TWO sips every time…

  • He has a photo of himself with a girl who’s prettier than you.
  • There’s a profile that has only one picture.

Take THREE sips every time…

  • There’s a profile with only group pics and you can’t figure out which one they are.

FINISH your drink if…

  • Someone’s bio mentions food or beer.
  • You match with someone.

Take a SHOT if…

  • Their profile says their real age and they’re way too young for you.
  • You run out of people in your area.

Good luck, ladies. Drink up!

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