The Danger When Wearing High Heels

High heels always the best choice of women when going out because it is considered as the best way to make women sexier and more beautiful. However, besides good effects of the high heels bring for women, if you wear the high heels regularly, it can make your health danger. The most common problem is harm to the spine. This is why back pain has become a common problem among women who like to wear high heels.

Can high heels make a woman sexier? However, wearing a pair of shoes a few centimeters will bring potential health risks. Frequently wearing high heels will cause pain in your legs, back pain, and knee pain. Read about the dangers of wearing high heels.

"Frequently wearing high heels is very harmful to the spine, which is why back pain has become a common problem among women who like to wear high heels," said by Dr. Sudeep Jain, MD, Ph.D. Spinal Surgery in India. Can you ask why high heels can cause back pain? Dr. Jain explains, "First of all, high heels that directly affect the body posture and improper posture which are the starting points for all back problems. Therefore, if you often use high heels which will interfere with the connection, so the spine is hyperlordosis, which damages the spine.

Moreover, frequently wearing high heels for a long period of time leads to cramping and contraction of the hamstring and muscles, starting from the limbo bone and pelvic bone. Muscular contraction leads to twisting and distortion of the spine – hyperlordosis. Hyperlordosis increases the pressure on the discs, bones, and joints of the pelvis. Hyperlordosis relaxes the ligament supporting the front of the lower back and tightens the ligaments behind the back bone at the same time. It is also the cause of an imbalance to degeneration of the skeleton and joints at an early age, as well as sacroiliac arthritis. The degenerative ligaments, inflammation, and scleroderma will cause pain and loss of flexibility.

Using high heels not only causes back pain and other related problems like hyperlordosis, and sciatica. Disc herniation is the most common problem in women. In fact, back pain becomes sick if it lasts 3 to 4 weeks and only ends if the patient is fully rested. Usually, people take painkillers or apply a lot of pain relief ointments or gels to get rid of the pain. Analgesic can help you temporarily reduce pain, but the underlying cause will still exist. Therefore, when getting the problem, you should consult your doctor for the cure. If the pain comes with swelling, you can apply an ice pack to help relieve the pain. Ice pack increases the flow of blood in the veins and releasing oxygen in the tissues. Moreover, you can combine with exercises that increase the flexibility and movement of back and hip muscles can be effective if done under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Women can choose silicone padded shoes or gel pads to soothe their feet and prevent strain on their backs.

You should not wear high heels during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the weight of a woman increases constantly and since the center of gravity in the body continues to change, this affects the balance of the woman's body. This increases the stress on the back. You should wear shoes when pregnant.

To sum up, high heels will bring for women the confident and sexy but it is also caused of harm to your health. Therefore, you should not use the high heels a long time and just bring when necessary cases. Furthermore, if your job requires you have to stand all days or move much, you should choose the best shoes for standing all days which will better than high heels.