The Green and Health Benefits of Water Walls

We’re seeing more and more water walls and there are numerous reasons why. 

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1. A Water Wall Is A Provider Of White Noise

Sometimes, you will find there are noises in your home that impact on your need for sleep, so how do you go about eliminating the impact they have? While earplugs or headphones are one way to counteract intrusive noise, these are not always viable, particularly if you need to keep one ear open for your baby waking up. Medicinal sleeping tablets are also an option, but they are not a long-term choice for those who have sleeping issues. If you have already tried white noise or music to distract your mind, these can actually make you be even more awake because you know that at some stage they are going to finish.

When you have considered every other option, it is time to turn towards the relaxing sound of water as it occurs within nature. Cast your mind back to the last time you visited a beach or a running stream, do you remember any other sound around you apart from the sound of water as it moved through nature? When it comes to running water it is not about the loudness of the water, but it is about the fact that running water sound waves are rhythmic and continuous and this is instantly attractive to your brain. What’s even better is that there is no end to the sound of running water, it will keep going as long as you need it to.

2. Cleansing Of The Air Around You

There is so much dust and other airborne particles in your home that you have every right to be concerned about what you are breathing in each day. The next time you head into the electronics section of your favorite store, take note how much air purifiers are on sale to address this particular concern many homeowners have. The purpose of an air purifier is to counteract the dirt and dust particles that are released by the appliances in your home. An air purifier puts out negative ions which attract the nasty particles in your air.

When you head out to areas in nature that have water in them, such as rivers or beaches, these areas also have lots of negative ions in the air. Even water fountains that you see inside have negative ions working for you. One of the best things about buying your own indoor water fountain is that you can have the benefits of the negative ions, but without the noise levels that are produced by an air purifier. This is the perfect way to let your mind enjoy the continual sound of running water. Check out these  water features at – they provide all of these benefits and look great. 

3. Get Back Healthy Moisture Without Harmful Germs

Winter can be really tough on the body because the minute you turn up the heat, your body has to start combating dryness. Enjoying the heat when it is cold outside is natural, but have you ever stopped to think about how much water you lose from your skin and other parts of your body because the heat is drying them out?

You already know that a humidifier can help to put moisture back into your home’s air as a way to counteract winter heat dryness. What you may not know is that studies are showing that because there is no movement in the humidifier water, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and these nasty germs are then released into your home. You could lessen the amount of bacteria in your humidifier if you cleaned it every day, but who has the time and energy for that?

The good news is there is a better way to deal with it.

Buying an indoor water fountain for your home means that you can put the moisture you want back into the air. But, because the water in an indoor fountain is always moving, there is a reduced chance of any bacteria being able to grow.

4. A Known Way To Reduce Your Stress Levels

When you consider what running water sounds like, there are a number of different theories as to why it is so appealing. When you think back to caveman times, water was necessary for survival so it is possible this is one reason why running water sounds so attractive. Alternatively, when you are growing within the womb you are doing so surrounded by liquid, so it is possible the sound of water resonates with this growth period. No matter which theory you subscribe to, medical experts do agree that the sound of running water makes you feel happy thanks to increased serotonin.