The Grey's Anatomy Drinking Game for When It Makes You Sob Uncontrollably

After all the times Shonda has made us cry uncontrollably, she owes us a drink… or seven. It’s like one episode you feel safe and comfortable knowing everyone is okay, then the next she rips your heart out and leaves you in pieces on the floor. Grey’s Anatomy does it to us every damn time. Make yourself a drink, hell– grab the bottle, and let the games begin. It’s time to sip on some drinks and throw a few shots back like we are at Joe’s Bar.

Take a sip every time…

  • A dead character is mentioned

  • Someone says “McDreamy”

  • Someone says “push one of epi”

  • Any doctor gets a page

  • Someone says “my person”

  • Someone has sex in an on-call room

  • Yang insults someone

  • Owen brings up the war

  • April mentions her virginity

  • When you see a lot of blood

  • Karev says something sexual

  • A patient has to get a scan

  • Someone mentions Ellis Grey

  • A patient has a fracture

  • Someone cries hysterically

 Take a shot every time…

  • A patient dies

  • Some in the show takes a shot

  • Derek Shepherd says “it’s a beautiful day to save lives”

  • Someone says “love you”

  • A baby is born

  • There is a new Chief of Surgery

  • Karev yells at someone

  • Sloan is shirtless

Chug your drink when…

  • There’s a 60-second dance party

  • A main character dies

  • Meredith is admitted into the hospital

  • Amelia Shepherd does drugs

That’s all the rules. Now get started and drink up! It’s a beautiful day to save lives so drink responsibly. (and don’t drink and drive, right Derek?) 

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