The Proper Way To Plan Your Personal Finances

Day 1, Monday: Analyze your income and determine whether it is possible to enlarge it

For a positive budget you need either to spend less or earn more. However, to earn more and determine to control your finances just now, it does not turn quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to find ways to increase their current income. In order to do this as quickly as possible, it is necessary to apply the really creative approach to solve this problem.

The most obvious ways to generate additional earnings are as follows:

  • Talk to the salary increase;
  • Go in search of better jobs;
  • Search telecommuting in the freelance exchange
  • Create a training course on resource and get paid for views
  • You get extra money by selling unwanted items
  • Do errands on the hog

Take into account the amount of the effort to complete the task and the amount of money received. Balance these two figures, because your time will never return, and it is always possible to spend more efficiently.

Day 2, Tuesday: Review your investment

Today is the day to review the investment.

It is important to invest money in different places, in order to diversify risks. In the case of America or Europe, you can invest in bonds or shares, to give their money management professionals or just put money in the bank. However, in developed countries, a bank deposit is one of the least attractive ways of investing money.

In the case of other countries, the bank account is still the best way to preserve and increase your money. However, in the current political and economic instability such investment also has a number of risks. Therefore, before choosing a bank, you need to become familiar with all the information about all the banks attractive to you, analyze it, and only then choose a bank to store their money.

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Day 3, Wednesday: Think about the quality of the loans

In order to improve relations with the creditors, it is necessary to evaluate the quality of their loans. This is done on the basis of the credit history, the number of current accounts, payment history, and number of times in excess of the limit of your credit card. If everything is OK – you will have less of a problem with your current and future loans.

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