The Thanksgiving Drinking Game to Survive All That Family Time

Thanksgiving. It’s the one day of the year that it’s completely acceptable to eat past the point of being full without being judged. How could you not? Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pie… need I say more? But we all know that no holiday is ever complete without the things that make us reach for our drink to hid your eye-roll. So to keep your Thanksgiving fun aka to get as drunk as possible, here’s the drinking game you and your family should be playing.

1. The doorbell rings or someone knocks to take a sip.

2. And when you realize it’s your least favorite aunt take two sips.

3. When suddenly the house is a little too full, take a big gulp.

4. You get an awkward hug from that relative you’ve been trying to avoid excuse yourself to fill up your cup.

5. And someone asks personal questions that you’ve been avoiding since you got home take two big sips before answering.

6. A relative says something rude/ offensive… shots anyone?

7. Your grandma offers to set you up with her friend’s cousin’s stepson who lives in another state to finish your drink.

8. Everytime someone comments on your appearance; body, hair, clothes, etc = one sip.

9. When your uncle uses the term ‘pigskin’ take three sips before giving him that judgmental side-eye.

10. A football is tossed around = in need of a new drink to double fist.

11. Whenever you hear someone yell “TOUCHDOWN!!” take a sip.

12. When you get kicked out of the kitchen for picking at the food, take a sip.

13. When you sit down at the table and someone immediately brings up politics– chug for 5 Mississippi seconds.

14. Someone brings a side dish that fits their latest diet, take have a sip before your fake smile.

15. And when said person keeps talking about their diet take two sips.

16. Someone says to go around the table and say what you’re thankful for take a big gulp and say you’re thankful for alcohol.

17. Someone refers to the turkey as “moist” or “too dry” just pour yourself another.

18. Anytime someone says “tryptophan” drink for 3 seconds before rolling your eyes.

19. Someone actually eats the canned cranberry sauce take a sip.

20. You see a picture of someone’s meal on social media CHUG CHUG CHUG.

21.Whenever something is dropped or spilled on the floor take a sip for the poor soul who’s on cleanup duty.

22. Anytime you hear a complaint about sitting at the kids’ table cheers yourself up because you’re a friggen adult.

23. Someone feeds the host’s pet take a drink.

24. Said host notices and freaks out take two drinks.

25. Someone asks for a teeny tiny piece of pie take a shot.

26. Someone asks for a ridiculously big piece of pie cheers them and chug your drinks.

27. Anyone talks about unbuttoning their pants take a sip.

28. Whenever someone says that they’re going on a diet tomorrow is three sips worthy.

29. Every time someone asks if you’re going Black Friday shopping take half a shot.

30. When someone complains about Black Friday finish that shot.

31. If anyone leaves early to go Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving Day pour one out for them.

32. Someone falls asleep– take a big sip.

33. You remember you have to do this all over again at Christmas finish your drink.

34. And rip one last shot because you survived another Thanksgiving!

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