The Ultimate Game of 'Truth or Dare' for You and Your Boo

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Skeletons don’t like to come out of the closet… So what better way to drag them out than with a game of Truth or Dare?! It’s a game that we all but forget after the age of 16, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a certain charm to it.

I can’t think of a better, more fun way to learn secret truths about your partner, or better ways to get yourself involved in some riqué hijinks. 

Here are a few questions and challenges that will really get you closer to your partner… or send them running for the hills.

Truths… No Lying!

1. Who was your favorite sex partner?

2. Have you ever ACTUALLY donated to charity?

3. (for the lady) If you had to choose between only giving BJs for 3 months or doing anal once… what would you choose?

4. (for the guys) What do you actually like vaginas to taste like?

5. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever stolen?

6. Have you ever cheated on anybody?

7. Have you ever dated someone of a different race or ethnicity?

8. Which of your siblings do you love the most? (No ‘equally’ allowed!)

9. If you had to fuck a different part of my body than usual; which part would it be?

10. Would you move to a different country to be with me?

11. What is one lie about yourself that you tell everyone you meet? Tell me the truth…

12. What is your biggest irrational fear? We’re talking weird things… like “I’m scared of rubber duckies” kind of thing.

13. Would you rather die rich and alone or happily married living in a homeless shelter?

14. You got into a horrific car accident… should I pull the plug?

15. Have you ever had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex? Details.

16. Would you rather drink or get high?

17. Right here, right now- could you see yourself marrying me?

18. Blonde or brunette?

19. Who do you like better between your mom and your dad?

20. Do you actually want an all night sexcapade… or does a solid 45 minutes and then two episodes of Law and Order sound better?

Dares… Give it your best shot!

1. Chug your drink… and then take this shot- and don’t throw up.

2. Take off your pants and play with yourself in front of me.

3. Sing your favorite song as Oprah Winfrey.

4. Get into the bathroom. Take off all of your clothes. Come out dressed only in toilet paper.

5. Give me a razor and let me shave a part of your body…

6. (for the guys) Put on some lady’s lingerie and perform your best strip tease.

7. Right now, call your best friend and ask them who of your partners they liked the best.

8. Give me your phone and let me update your facebook status.

9. I will tie your hands behind your back, take off my underwear with only your teeth.

10. Lay down on the bed naked and get ready for a sexy photoshoot… we’ll use YOUR phone, you can delete them later.

11. Blow up a condom and make me a balloon animal.

12. Try to do your favourite yoga pose while reciting the multiplication tables.

13. Streak anywhere you want, as long as it’s outside.

14. Go make me a sandwich using only your elbows.

15. Make up a rap using the words tantalize, bamboozle, and conundrum.

16. Get on all fours and ask me what to do next.

17. Stare directly at my crotch and recite an ode to it.

18. (for the girls) Let your partner do your make-up… the more lipstick the better.

19. Wear that lipstick to bed… both of you.

20. Get into bed, close your eyes, and tell me exactly what you want me to do to you, then get ready for it to all happen!

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