This Is for the Dads Who Fought for Their Kids

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If you’ve never heard of The Father’s Rights Movement I suggest you check it out. I suggest that you read the stories and understand what men face every day of inequality.

There are countless fathers working to provide for a child they hardly get to see. There are fathers who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in court costs just to spend every other weekend or have limited visitations with their children. 

I know there are deadbeat dads out there. Men who refuse to pay child support with no interest in seeing their child but why do we allow these people be the face of fathers rights?

Mothers have done this too and most of the time, these mothers still has custody. 

I do want to commend every single mother doing it ALL on your own. I mean the ones whose father chose not to be in their child’s life. The fathers who aren’t fighting to see their child. I commend the women who are not using government assistance and who are relying on themselves solely to provide for their children. The women who work hard every day to do what’s best for themselves and their family. You are truly what makes America great again. 

There are so many fathers who do not get the credit they deserve because their name is trashed around. 

There are many fathers who are scolded because they left their children’s mother. They left a toxic relationship or whatever the case may be but these men DID NOT leave their children. In case you forgot, in many cases as well, the woman left the father. So these men fight day in and day out for their children. 

The problem isn’t of inequality. The problem is that the laws are so old that it doesn’t fit our society and our way of life anymore. 

Back then, living on ONE income was doable. Todays’ society two incomes barely make it anymore. It only made sense for women who stayed at home to get child support from their children’s father, if separation occurred.

The courts think that just because they are men they do not have the capacity to nurture or take care of their own child. In most states, child custody is automatically awarded to the mother, well because she is a woman. Whether she is fit to take care of them or not. How fair is that? 

All while the courts hand out and increase child support like it’s candy. Did you know that the state can take up to a minimum of 25% (usually more) of a man’s monthly paycheck in child support? That’s for one child. 

Did you know that child support is not a taxable income? So that money is free and clear to the recipient.  

Did you know that a father does not have the right to know where that money goes? No? We’ll try living with this inequality DAILY.

So what’s so wrong with child support? I mean a father should pay for their child… right?

Well, here’s the thing a child NEEDS their mother and they NEED their father. Why do the laws state that “he is doing his part” only by cashing out a check every month and hardly getting to see his child?

I don’t find that fair, do you?

The father’s right movement isn’t trying to ban of child support or take a child away from their mothers. They are fighting for shared parenting 50/50 custody. They are begging to see their children.

If you believe that women can do a mans job you better believe that a man can do a woman’s.

Think of all the people men and women who have 50/50 but STILL pay child support, of all the men who hardly ever get to see their children because they have NO rights to. 

Why are we not fighting for 50/50 shared parenting in every state? 

Why are we not talking about fathers rights?

Remember we are fighting for equality in America, right? So if you believe in equality… you better believe in fathers rights as well. 

I don’t believe this world is equal. I don’t believe this world is fair but before we start pointing fingers remember that both men and women are suffering because of inequality. 

Let’s start changing laws for men just as much as for women.

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