This is 'The Walking Dead' Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The Walking Dead is a favorite tv show for a lot of reasons. Every season is filled with action and tons of drama. Each character is complex, beautiful, unique, perfectly imperfect and brings a different flavor of badass attitude to the plate. After all, in a post-apocalyptic universe filled with flesh-eating walkers, survival instincts have to be at its best. You probably relate to a lot of what the characters go through on this tv show but if you want to get more specific this is The Walking Dead character you are based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries – Maggie Green

You’re hard to read at first but easy to love once they open up to you. 

Some might call you a black sheep or even the tomboy of your squad. But, when faced with uncertainty you are a natural born leader. You’re not afraid to go after what you want and you usually get it. 

Taurus – Morgan Jones

You are the flighty one in your squad. 

You almost always have plans or even plans for your plans. It’s hard for your friends to keep track of you. But, when your friends need you, you’re always there to have their backs. 

Gemini – Carl Grimes

You’re the little shit of the squad. 

You can sometimes have a big head, which can lead your group into sketchy situations. You’re stubborn and always want to help, no matter if it’s not in your best interest. This makes you super valuable to your group and they love you for your selflessness. 

Cancer – Gregory 

You try to use booze as a bribe to get your way. 

It works. You’re a good leader to your group, but sometimes you question who your true friends are. The more the merrier! You’re known for being friends with people in different friend groups! 

Leo – Neagan 

You’re the evil, yet sexy, one in your squad. 

You are able to convince your friends to do devious acts when the sun goes down. But, you wake up with no regrets and neither do they!  You are definitely not hated, your charm is irresistible and you can be one of the most loyal friends

Virgo – Daryl 

You’re the seclusive one in your group. 

You’d rather be out learning about the world solo than be surrounded by needy people. You’re extremely intelligent, but are afraid of close emotional connections. 

Libra – King Ezekiel 

You radiate positivity. 

Your group looks to you for guidance and love. You have a ‘fake it until you make it’ attitude. This sometimes gives you a false sense of security. 

Scorpio – Carol 

You’re the sassy one in your squad. 

You aren’t afraid to take matters into your own hands. You like being on your own sometimes, but really enjoy the company of others. However, you’ve been known to keep grudges for a very long time. 

Sagittarius – Father Gabriel 

Let’s face it. You’re the queen of bad decisions. 

Your honesty and good heart sometimes lead you astray, but you always find your way back before it’s too late. Your squad knows about your decision-making skills and try to guide you the best they can. But, they love you regardless. 

Capricorn – Michonne 

You’re the calm and collected one. 

You’ve been through hell and back. It’s made you into a more stoic version of your old self. But, you go through life with a certain positive grace that your friends envy. You're truly a badass.

Aquarius – Rick Grimes  

You’re a natural born leader, with great facial hair. 

When anyone needs advice, you’re their number one. You take your group on random adventures to have fun and mingle. There’s never a boring day with you and with each new day comes new friends. 

Pisces – Jesus Monroe 

You’re the peacekeeper in your squad. 

You never want to see anyone fighting. You try to diffuse the drama as soon as it starts. This sometimes put you in-between two really good friends, but they also end up listening to you. 

You might not be in a post-apocalyptic situation anytime soon, but now you have a better idea of how you'd handle yourself in The Walking Dead type of universe based on your zodiac sign. 

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