This Is Why She Wants to Take a Million Pictures with Him

Girls feel the need to show off things they have, not necessarily for bragging rights, but just so that people get a good idea of who they are and what their life is all about.

Now when it comes to relationships, some girls have a hard time getting their SO to take pictures with them because some guys just don’t get why us girls have to take pictures of, well, everything.

And when it comes to a girls’ guy, she just likes to show him off, that’s just the way it is.

There’s more to the act of snapping a picture than what guys think. Especially if it has just been a really good day in general, we want to remember it. Whatever it is, there is something that motivated the picture, and it’s important enough for us to want to document it.

But a picture of a girl isn’t just a way to capture a memory. It’s a way to preserve a million thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams in that very moment with the man she loves. Believe me, she revisits pictures 24/7, just to relive those moments with you. Just to remember the good ole days.

And to look back through the pictures in our phones and see pure happiness.

Having pictures of the two of you together will make her feel safe when she feels like maybe you two aren’t doing too hot. She’ll be able to see the way you were looking at her, or how you were touching her, or even just the smile on your face cause you’re with her.

She will be reminded why you two are together. And why she loves you just oh so much.

These pictures speak to their soul and prove something she needs to know but can’t put into words.

Taking pictures with her is honestly a gift you are giving her without even realizing it. So just try and remember that next time you refuse or complain about a picture.

See the picture as the love poem you don’t have to spend time writing. The song you don’t have to dedicate to her. Or the love note about your love you didn’t have to rewrite a million times just to make sure it’s perfect.