Thoughts Every Girl Has At The Gym

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I’m here. I’m doing this. Watch out, world. 

Why is every machine taken? Ugh!

I feel like a creep just lurking around waiting for a station to open up. 

Oh, YES! They look done! I’ll be super casual and start making my way over. 

Wow, these girls all have super cute gym clothes. 

I wonder if it would be weird to ask that girl where she got her leggings from. 

I didn’t get the cute top memo. Still rocking my high-school seniors T-shirt. 

Can you make friends at the gym without looking like a total weirdo?

Jury is out on that one. 

Ah, well time to lift that iron. 

OMG. Why is that man grunting so loud?

And, why is that other guy staring over here?

I can tell he thinks I need his help. You’re mistaken, sir. 

“No, I do not need a spotter.?? 

Geez, women can be beasts in the gym too. 

Always being underestimated. 

Ahh! Solidarity smile from the girl at the station next to me! 

Ahh. Creepy smile from the guy diagonal from me. 

Time to put in the headphones. 

People don’t bother you with headphones in right?

Why did this person just come stand literally 2 inches from me?

Personal space violation. I’m gonna do the shifty eyes so he gets it. 

He’s not getting it. 

Time to power through these sets and get outta here. 

Wow, the gym is to men what the bathroom is to women. They all travel in packs. 

It is fascinating to see them in this habitat. 


I wonder how many people just saw my little freak out and dance number.

Oh well. I am weird and I am proud! 

Did my phone seriously just die?!

In THE MIDDLE of the best part of the song?!?

How does anyone ever workout without music!?!

There is no way the treadmill is happening now. 

Nope. Not happening. 

Okay, I guess I can do at least a couple of minutes. 

I hate this with the red hot wrath of a thousand suns. 

Why do treadmill minutes pass so slowly? 

Do I really breathe that loud? I’ve never noticed that!

I sound like Darth Vader right now. 

That is straight up DISTRACTING. 

At least I’m like half way to the half way point. 

Gosh, all of this work has got me HUNGRY. 

I want ALL the pizza. 

But, won’t that undo my work here?

Yes….but, is it worth it? 


You know what, self? Good effort. 

Time for food. 

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