To My Mother, Who Is Two Parents in One

Mother’s day is tomorrow. 

And there are so many things I wish I could do for you. 

I wish I could buy you something beautiful, I wish we could spend the whole day together. I wish I had more free time to call you and just talk. 

Because so many things have happened, to me and around me. 

I just want you to know all about them. Because I know just how caring you are, how warm, how big and endless your heart is. 

I want to thank you. 

For being both my mom and my dad. 

I know they don’t have a day for that but they should.

Because you are my creator and my protector. Both the lion and the lamb, both strong and sensitive. 

I want to thank you. 

For being there for me when everything falls apart, when everyone fails, when I am alone and wondering. 

Because no one will replace you. No one will take your place and no one, and I mean no one, could do what you did, what you do everyday. 

Thank you, on this day devoted to being for mom’s everywhere. 

Thank you for being more, for wanting more for me, for never stumbling long enough for me to see. 

But mostly thank you, for being two strong parents all rolled into one.