To the Guy My Future Kids Will Call Dad, I Can't Wait to Start Our Family

Knowing us, our kids are going to be wild. 

We are going to be in for one hell of a ride with them, but if I am positive about anything, it’s that I wouldn’t want to take that ride with any other guy. 

Every day with you gets me excited for our future. 

I’m beyond lucky to have found a man who wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and eventually create the best gift ever, which is a little tiny human.

know that you look forward to a little boy, running around, getting all dirty in the mud. 

And we already know that I am dying for a little mini me, who I can dress up and take a bunch of selfies with. 

And while you want a little boy and I want a little girl, I know no matter how many kids we have or what gender they end up being, you will be the best father in the world.

I can’t wait for the day you rush me to the hospital because the time has come. 

And you’re freaking out because even though we have gone over this scenario about a million times, you still don’t remember what to do.

And then you get to hold our little baby for the first time, and I get to look at that sweet, glare in your eye that shows your heart growing bigger and bigger. 

You are so loving and so caring. You act tough but yet you are so gentle. 

You will kiss their booboo’s and wipe their tears. You will teach them confidence and teach them defense. 

I know that at the end of the day, you’ll love them as much as any father could.

And yes, those poor date nights of ours will turn into family game nights. 

And those care-free drives through the country, jamming to our favorite songs, will turn into driving just to get our babies to sleep because that’s the only way. 

And that body of yours that you check out in the mirror every day will soon become one of those sexy dad bods.

While my somewhat-okay figure that I took for granted will most likely start hanging out the top of my jeans and be covered in scars.

But, I know that you will still love me. And you’ll compliment me every day to let me know how sexy I am to you, even with spit up on my shirt and mac n cheese in my hair.

It’ll be incredible to watch our children climb up all over your lap to give you kisses and you tickling them, making them do that little baby giggle that will make my heart skip a beat.

You aren’t going to be the type of man who will just do the typical dad duties. 

You will go out of your way to make them have the best life possible. 

And I promise that despite all of the upcoming arguments between us and the tantrums our children will have, I will never forget how much I love you.

And I will be there with you, every step of the way. 

You have had me hooked since the first day I met you. 

And every day since then, every time I look at you, I see the man that would be the most amazing husband and the most amazing father to our someday children.