To The Man Who Changed My Life

I was broken and beat. Life had thrown me the worst curve balls and I wasn’t getting anywhere. I had been lied to, abused and used by the people i thought i could trust most in my life. I had hit rock bottom. 

Until you came along. 

You came into my life with the purpose of being a friend. Someone I was finding was easy to confide all my deepest darkest secrets to. I found I could trust you. We could talk about anything and everything. Words flowed easily between us. It all seemed so simple. You grew into the man that i trusted most. I found I could give you my heart without worrying.

You showed me what life was like. To live it to the fullest and to remain in it headstrong and at full speed. You never did anything half assed. You gave it your entire being and passion. You showed me what it was like to find a joy in the simplest things. And laughter was the only thing that was worth hearing from anyone. 

You picked me up from hole I had dug and layed in. You gave me that fresh breath of air that my lungs were longing to be filled with. You set my mind at ease of all the terror in my world. I saw the flowers for the first time as the sun shone on them. Felt the summer breeze as though it was life lifting my spirits. 

You showed me that there is nothing to be afraid of. Even though hurt and sorrow might come into our lives, you showed me how to handle it. How to learn from it. 

You showed me how to take life by the horns and go on that ride with a smile on my face. Without looking back or being scared of being thrown off. You gave me the courage to make my life mine again. You gave me the love to not only love the world and those around me, but to love myself agian.