To the One Who Was Physically Abused, Remember That You're Safe Now

I am here as living proof that regardless of the obstacles you can come out on the other side. I am here to tell you that you are NOT alone. The pain we have gone through and will go through while trying to piece back together our lives is unreal.

You feel like Humpty Dumpty. Even with all of the support or all the king's horses and men, you cannot be put back together again. But know this…

You will find a will and a way.

This hardship will turn you into a resilient brick wall. However, behind that, you may always be slightly scared and very guarded. Do not apologize for your fear of physical touch or arguments or loud voices. Anyone who loves you will understand how the things that happened to you affect you. 

You're not broken, you're just learning how to heal.

It is okay for us to take longer to heal. It is normal for us to apologize for our actions, even if there is no need to apologize. We will flinch at someone's touch and that is okay too. 

This is not just any sort of struggle or a broken bone. 

This is a trauma that will live in our minds like a shadow on our backs. Just remember that you are not the words they have said. You are not worthless, no matter how bad they have made you feel about yourself. 

Know that you did not deserve any of the hits or blows that they repeatedly continued to give.

Maybe it took you longer than some to actually leave. Many do not understand how terrifying it may be to leave. The threats and the fears that loom over our heads like a chandelier that is bound to fall at any given minute.

You are worthy. You are everything that is good. You are human. 

Tomorrow is a new day and while it may be a difficult task to manage to get up in the mornings, it isn't impossible. You can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. 

You are the embodiment of resilience and strength. You are a survivor. You matter.