Until You Decide to Grow Up, Don't Waste Her Time Trying to Date Her

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Stupid boy, you shouldn’t even be considering making her yours until you can handle the responsibility. She deserves the world and more and until you can give that to her, don’t waste her time. Love isn’t a game, it’s not something you just do ‘for fun,’ and her heart isn’t one to mess around with.   

A boy is intimidated by her confidence

A boy will let her confidence get in the way of the relationship. She’s secure in her job, has tons of friends and knows how to handle a conversation. She has no problem expressing how she feels and that's extremely threatening to him. Instead, he opts for a more passive partner to make himself feel secure.

A man admires her confidence

He's happy that she’s a strong independent woman, and he's so proud to call her his. He likes that she’s constantly making decisions and being assertive. In fact, he's the only person that not only admires her confidence but also challenges it. 

A boy masks his feelings

A boy will keep his feelings bottled up to make himself seem like he's fine. He has so many feelings happening at once that he's not sure how to handle them. So instead, he's always keeping her guessing. 

A man embraces his vulnerability

He has no problem putting himself out there and making the first move. He's flattered by the compliments she gives him, and he can't help but express them toward her too.  He makes communicating ten times easier as well.

A boy will play the game

A boy will make having a relationship feel impossible. A boy will continue to ignore her text messages, talk to other girls, and play all the mind games. 

He'll make her feel like the crazy one for caring so much. At first sight of this behavior, run.

A man will rise above the game

A man doesn't play games. He wants to make it clear that he's into her, so he does. Simple as that. 

A boy will use other girls to make her jealous

A boy will want to bring out the insecurity in her because she does have confidence. Instead of reassuring her, he talks to other girls in hopes that she'll come chasing after him.  

A man will make other girls feel jealous of her

Now that he's got her, he makes sure he gives her the love she deserves. He's coming up with small gestures to reassure his love for her.

A boy will let his ego get in the way

He'll become so scared of the idea of committing to someone because he's afraid to show any sort of vulnerability. Instead, he'll come across as cold and distant. 

He won't realize how stupid he was until she’s finally over his bullshit. When he sees her with a real man, he'll regret it big time.

A man won't let a good thing pass him by

A man will make sure he treats her like the amazing woman she is. He reminds himself every day how lucky he is to even have her. 

He makes her feel secure and happy. And she’s a smart enough woman to know that a real man like him is a keeper.

So please, boys, don't waste her time if you're not ready for all this. 

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