Warm Tea and Big Sweaters: 10 Things to Do to Get You in the Fall Feels

Early Sunsets. Warm Tea. Messy Hair. Big Sweaters

Fall Is Here!

 1. Make it smell like fall inside your house. Take a special trip to bath and body works to buy pumpkin spiced soap, candles, and room spray.

 2. Bake pumpkin spiced bread regularly. Your house will smell warm and cozy.

 3. Go apple picking. Get enough apples to make pies, spiced cider, and applesauce. 

 4. Go to a pumpkin patch find the cutest Pinterest worthy pumpkin to decorate your house with this season. 

 5. Go on a hayride under the stars. Grab a friend, a warm flannel blanket, and snuggle up. Make sure you warm up with some hot apple cider at the end. 

 6. You must go shopping to get your favorite fall apparel. Make sure you are stocked with your favorite leggings, scarfs, and boots. 

 7. Be a kid again. Rake up a pile of those beautiful colored leaves and jump in them. Have some fun again. 

 8. Go buy yourself a pumpkin spiced latte. We all know you’re going to buy yourself like a 100 this fall season anyways. 

 9. Spend an afternoon carving a pumpkin sipping on some warm fall flavored tea. 

 10. Most importantly make sure you cuddle up on your couch with a warm blanket, a pumpkin spiced latte, and watch some football.