Welcome to Tinder: The Cheat on Your Significant Other App

Like so many others, I have a Tinder. Unlike many others, I do not use it to cheat on my non-existent significant other. 

It's not a surprise that with all these new, free downloadable apps for your phone it's now easier to cheat on your significant other, but the amount of men actually taking advantage of it is unbelievable. 

I have had my account for three months. Three. Months. In that amount of time I have had six taken men, that I know of, try to use me as "their dirty little secret". Three of the guys straight up told me that they were married or in a relationship and were just looking for fun because their significant others weren't putting out enough or they were bored with them. One guy wanted to hook up but never told me he was married; luckily, through other sources I was able to discover he was married and able to out him.  Another guy wanted revenge on his long term girlfriend for cheating on him by cheating on her with a girl he met on Tinder, that lucky girl being me. Yet another guy insisted he was single, however, he did not know I was Facebook friends with him and could see happy pics of he and his fiancee, ohhhh that was a fun one. 

I know what you're thinking, "Oh she probably has provocative pics or says that she wants a hook up", to this I roll my eyes. No my dear, I have pics of my dog and son and some selfies of myself above the shoulders. the most "revealing" pic I have is one of me sitting on a motorcycle in shorts. This is how it went down; we matched, we started talking, and then they informed me of their intentions, to which I would quickly decline. 

Luckily I have morals and did not meet up with any of these taken men, however, it got me thinking, out of all the matches I've had, how many of them were in relationships that I had no idea about? How many girls had these guys already hooked up with that their wives/girlfriends had no idea about? Why were these guys even in relationships if they weren't satisfied with them? 

If your partner is perfectly fine with you hooking up with other people then more power to you, but in most cases, these men were seeking out women to cheat on their partners with. If that doesn't make you want to stay single forever then I don't know what will. I'm not saying that all guys are bad and are going to download this app to cheat on their girls with but if within three months of being on this app I personally already had five guys hitting me up, I'm sure other girls have had the same encounters. 

Ladies, if I leave you with any advice, check your man's phone and for the love of god, if he has a Tinder dump his sorry ass.