When You Find Your No Boundaries Relationship: Embrace Every Second

When you look at him, do you see your future right in front of you?

Does he hold your heart in the palm of his hand?

When you tripped, did he catch you, letting you know that he would catch you when you stumble all the way? 

If your wall is the furthest it's ever been down, but you still struggle slightly with knocking the last few pieces away, but you know he's there with arms wide open waiting for the moment you fall…chances are he's your no boundaries relationship. 

And you should begin embracing every moment of it.

Maybe you need him to prove you, and by you I mean your thoughts, wrong. And that's a-ok, but the only thing he should gladly prove you wrong on. 

Embrace it. 

Maybe your fears and obscured thoughts get the best of you, and maybe you need him to remind you of this on the daily. 

Embrace it. 

Maybe you have to constantly express these fearful, obscured thoughts because he knows you all too well and you can't hide this nonsense.

Embrace it. 

Embrace it all, because he has a heart of gold — a heart so BIG that he wouldn't dare rip the one right out of your chest. Because he's been there too, and he knows how badly it hurts. 

Embrace it, because he would not dare hurt you. 

You love him with your entire heart and every single piece of you, and never do you ever want to live this life without him ever again. 

He is your world, and you are his. He exceeds being good enough for you, and neither of you think you deserve the other, because the two of you are literally the best thing that has ever happened to the other. 

You have no boundaries, because with boundaries you would be held back from offering him all of your love. 

And he deserves it, Lord does he deserve it. 

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