When Your Mind Is Heavy with Negative Thoughts, Read This

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen." – Brené Brown 

Almost all of us experience something in our lives that make us want to hide away, that makes us cringe at the thought of it, that we pray we could just erase. It’s a dark, uneasy feeling that no one really talks about, but everyone goes through. 

So remember, whatever you are going through, whether it’s a temporary or forever, it does not change your soul. Who you are is still who you are. That will never change. No matter what is happening to your body or mind, no situation or diagnosis or accident can change a soul–as long as you don’t let it.

It will take some hard work to keep those negative thoughts from hiding the essence of your being. You just have to keep remembering everything that is uniquely you, before and after whatever happened, is still inside of you. No matter how lost you feel. No matter how changed you feel. 

We all have our demons and the things we hide away from the world. We all feel disconnected from society in one way or another, or feel as if a part of our story isn’t “okay” to the world – it doesn’t fit this false narrative to strive for perfection.

We all have battered hearts and bruised knees, fresh cuts and old scars. We’ve all looked up to the sky, arms out, repeating “why?”

Why did this have to happen to me? Why did I have to do that?

I can’t handle this on top of everything else going on.

No one will ever love me now.

I am damaged. 

But you want to know a secret? Those are all lies.

You see, there’s this negative voice in our head that thrives on insecurity. It feeds off of emotional trauma and changes and stigmatized societal norms. It will tell you, you’re not good enough and you aren’t lovable. 

That voice if fueled by “butts of jokes” told by people who don’t understand because it has never happened to them. Thinking it’s funny to continue stigmatizing those who are continually having to remind themselves of who they are. 

Humans are innately designed to love, be loved and feel like they belong. But that's often covered up by ignorance. 

Everyone forgets people are internally struggling to try to fit in while dealing with and hiding a part of themselves that makes them feel like an outsider. People will continue to stigmatize until something happens to them or someone close to them. 

I am, admittedly, one of those people. I brushed things off and laughed at the jokes because I didn't know better. It didn't affect me so why would I bother telling someone they were being insensitive. 

Until it did affect me. 

Which has opened my eyes tremendously to things I have often paid no attention to. And I’m here to tell you; you are beyond worthy of love and belonging. 

Even if it seems miles away, one day you will step into the light and find the courage to be wholeheartedly in love with every inch of your being. You will find peace and acceptance because that’s really all you can do.

I’m not saying you need to let down your vulnerability wall and scream to the world what it is you are feeling ashamed about. I’m not saying you need to be a public voice to those who are also experiencing whatever it is you are suffering with. 

What I’m saying is don’t create a bubble around yourself, keeping out those who mean the most to you. Letting those few in will be more empowering than you could possibly imagine. And will help you accept yourself again. 

Those who genuinely love you and care about you will hold you close and tell you nothing has changed. And those who don’t? Those don’t deserve your attention. They still have some growing up to do themselves.

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