Why I Keep Chasing A Leo?

A Leo is recognized by the symbol of a lion and ruled by the Sun. Their radiant light will shine brightly across anyone that crossed path with them.

The fire that burns inside them expressed by their leadership, creativity, passion, practicality, humor and being dominant. They are demanding to be treated as a king or queen with expensive things, luxurious holidays and bright colors.

She is a perfect definition of a Leo and that is why a Cancer like me attracted to her.

For those who believes in Astrology or for someone like me who find pleasure in reading about Astrology, Leo and Cancer are ruled by the Sun and the Moon and compatibility between them doesn't really scored high. They are not the best couple in town and they don't value the same things too.

I am attracted to her personality.Her strengths, her actions and her wonderful radiant smiles. Having feelings for her might blinded me but isn't that how having a crush should be? If the odds are against these two, why I keep pursuing?

In relationship, to have differences is normal, to voice opinions is normal and to argue is normal. Relationship will test your tolerance and your diplomatic skills altogether. Relationship too, will test how you handle crisis and how can you react and take actions when you need to. This is relationship and it is definitely not a walk in a park.

If she is a Leo, then I need to learn how to treat a Leo. If she needs security, I will work towards better security. If she demand stability, I will assure her that she will always feel protected. Isn't that what we all do for love?

What about my needs? The answer would be communicate. To find some common ground and build up the base from there is a good and healthy starts for a relationship. This is commitment.

I am not afraid to go for it because I am prepared and ready. To love is to learn, to love is to build, to love is to communicate and to love is to work things out together. If we want the best in life we need to try and be the best.