Why I'd Rather Have a Dog Than a Boyfriend Any Day of the Week

If it came down to it, and I had to choose: dog or boyfriend, 10 times out of 10 you'd see me with a dog leash in one hand and a chew toy in the other.

Sorry, but I'd rather come home to this little fluff than a smelly dude expecting me to 'make dinner.' Yeah, no thanks. 

1. You'll never have to worry about who loves who more… because a dog's love > any human's.

No 'I love you more' convos because you are the light of this dog's life. Name one thing that makes you smile more than coming home from work to your pup wagging its tail, jumping around, so purely happy that you're home… I'll wait.  

Plus, dogs don't care if you're too tired to talk and you're scrolling through Instagram, they're just happy to be with you. 

2. The fights you have don't result is any sleepless nights.

So the dog ate your favorite slippers, you yelled at him and he looked so sad you couldn't help but give him hug. And poof, it's over. 

No deep talks about how it made you feel or how he has to change his ways or else… he's just a pup doin' pup things.

3. Dogs make you skinnier. It's a proven fact. 

Well, maybe not proven. But you can't take your boyfriend to the park to run around and play fetch. You can't take your boyfriend on a walk… well you could, but then you'd have to like 'make conversation' and 'not be on your phone.' 

4. They will never be the cause of your anxiety.

They will actually be the reason you feel less anxious. Sorry, but a hug from a boyfriend < a hug from a dog.

5. Dogs are the perfect sounding board when you need it. 

True, a dog probably doesn't know what you're saying. But it feels a lot better to talk to a dog who doesn't understand, than a guy who doesn't care in the slightest and definitely isn't listening.

6. It's not really drinking alone if the dog is home.

Plus, when you get drunk with a boyfriend he'll want to go out to bars and hang out with people. Your dog will never judge you for being a homebody, ever.

7. Dogs don't cheat. Guys do.

Enough said. 

8. They truly appreciate the little things in life.

They'll never ask for anything extravagant or expect you to spend a couple hundred dollars on their Christmas gift then be disappointed when you don't. 

They'll take a rubber toy filled with peanut butter over anything else.

Dogs literally leave a pawprint on our hearts. So, sorry guys, but I have more faith in a dog making me happy than you.