Why Me Too Is More Than Words

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Did you know that there are over 300,000 victims or sexual assault and rape in the US alone, every damn year? That means someone is being sexually assaulted about every minute and a half.

Count that out.

That’s about the amount of time it takes to heat up your leftovers, make a cup of coffee, go get your mail, let your dogs out. 

The “Me Too” movement has exploded on social media, in light of recent events. It doesn’t seem like people fully understand the grasp of this movement. It isn’t just saying we are women and deserve to be equals, this isn’t feminism. This isn’t something that just happens in Hollywood, or once in a while on the news. This is something that happens all over the entire globe.

Did you know that about 1/6 women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime, 1/10 men have also been sexually assaulted. A third of the victims contemplate suicide, a little over ten percent of those attempt it. And virtually almost everyone who was assaulted develops PTSD from the experience.

So what you say? Here’s what is scarier. Of every thousand people who sexually assault someone else, a little over 300 are actually reported, less than 60 are arrested, less than ten go to jail for their crime. Less than ten people for every thousand sexual assaults. How is that justice?

Why is the Me Too movement important though to this?

Because even though this may just be a couple words, there is comfort in the words, comfort in numbers.

Because there are apps designed for women to call for help with the touch of one button, without drawing attention to yourself. Because these apps are necessary.

Because there are women defense jewelry lines, key chains, because it is necessary.

Because women-only gyms exist just so women can feel comfortable going to the gym without having to be afraid or humiliated.

Because most women carry pepper spray, or some other form of defense.

Because most of the women you know have had a Me Too experience.

Because the other women you know who didn’t say Me Too, probably chose not to put it on social media.

Because after a sexual assault you are four times more likely to use a hard drug, maybe to forget, maybe to be numb.

Because when women go out to a bar, they can’t get drunk alone, or have a friend meet them.

Because pads and tampons are tax exempt in 7 states, taxed as a luxury in 32 states. Viagra is tax exempt in 49 states.

Because there are serial killers and rapist who will kill a woman for not smiling at them, Elliot Rodger for example, or maybe they will rape a woman because they look like someone they once loved.

Because usually harassment and assaults are not an isolated incident.

Because ‘she had it coming’ is not even close to explaining why a woman is raped.

Because the men who will fall in love with a victim will suffer too.

Because the Me Too movement is dependent on the victims taking action.

Because not every man is held accountable.

Because we have a President in office who bragged about sexually assaulting women.

Because more than 12 MILLION people have commented, posted or reacted on Facebook to Me Too.

Because Me Too.

To all the other women out there, you are not alone, and this is a movement that will change the future. We can change the way the world is. This is the generation of change, this is an issue that together we can stand up and say we will change it.

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