Why positivity really is key.

Is your glass half empty or half full? This age old question is said to tell a lot about a person’s outlook on life, which can not only have an affect on your mood, but your health and the people around you.

At a glance, the world we live in is ridden with negativity. The stories that are represented on the news are those of viscous crimes, death and corrupt politicians. When talking with fellow peers we constantly acknowledge the burdens in our lives with the rare appreciation of the undeniable positive aspects that are all around us. With the fact that society contains so much negativity, what are the advantages to not only being a positive person, but also spreading the positivity to others?

Your overall mood will change. Starting with the most obvious impact of living a positive lifestyle, your mood will benefit tremendously. Just as every person in the world, you cant deny that there will be bad days, but how you handle the bad as well as the good can have an everlasting impact on your mood. We can all attest that being in a positive, uplifting mood not only makes the day enjoyable, but it also makes it pass effortlessly. Who would want to go through their day-by-day life counting down the hours, rather than enjoying every minute?

People are drawn to positivity. No one likes a Debbie downer. Are negative people ever attracted to you? Think about it this way, a battery has two ends, positive and negative. When the positive connects with the negative there is a flow of energy.  Just like a good laugh, positivity is contagious. Therefore, appreciating life more and complaining less will attract more people in your life. If you constantly feel that you have no friends to count on or are constantly losing friends, maybe its time for an attitude adjustment.

Your health will benefit. Science has shown that those who can focus on the positives will have many benefits in their overall health. It’s said that your lifespan will lengthen due to the serotonin increase, which can help manage stress and regular wear and tear on your nervous system. Serotonin has many other benefits for your body such as the regulation of your body’s sleep-wake cycle, it also can help control your appetite and control your body’s sensitivity to pain.  These health benefits are all the more reason the stop looking at your glass half empty.

How can you be a positive person? It’s undeniable that every person living carries burdens and stressors in their everyday lives.

  • Love yourself. Accepting who you are today will destroy any sort of negativity you have around yourself. If you aren’t happy with who you are set goals to become a better person.
  • Find the positive side. Life constantly throws unfavorable situations at us. There is always a positive side and a negative side. Its up to you, which side you focus on.
  • Take time for yourself. Whether it’s five minutes or a whole day, time focusing on your breathing and your body will instantly boost your mood.
  • Eliminate toxic people. There is no need to have people in your life who constantly bring you down. Either show them what it is like to live a positive life or let them go.

All in all, life is a beautiful thing and there’s a difference between having a good day, and making a good day. The benefits are inevitable.

I’m sending each and every one of you love, positive energy and good vibes. Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.