23 Signs You’re That Girl Who Changes the F*ck Boy Into a Fine Gentleman

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Although the rumors may be true, it’s been proven possible to change a f*ck boy.

It only takes one girl to make an impact on his life.

His messy reputation only means that he hasn’t found a girl that he truly loves.

  1. He tells you that he genuinely likes getting to know new things about you.
  2. Instead of asking you to Netflix and chill, he asks you out on a fancy date.
  3. He tells you that you’re beautiful inside and out and different from the rest.
  4. He actually posts pictures of you and him on social media with a super cute caption.
  5. When you’re out with him, he makes you feel like you’re the only girl in the room that matters to him.
  6. He stops all contact with his previous hookups…
  7. Because in his eyes they simply do not compare to a girl like you.
  8. He remembers the little stuff because he wants to see you happy.
  9. He’s always the first person offering his help to you.
  10. He’s always talking highly of you to other people. You never have to worry.
  11. Even if you’ve ever glanced over at his phone, you’ve never been disappointed.
  12. He always spends the night and surprises you with breakfast in bed.
  13. He’s cooked for you a special meal that he knows is your favorite.
  14. When you’re having a bad day, he’ll surprise you with your favorite ice cream.
  15. On weekend nights, he’d rather stay in with you and cuddle than go out and drink.
  16. He’s always there to listen and give his honest advice to you.
  17. Sometimes, he’ll even tell you how he envisions a future with you.
  18. When you meet his friends, they’ll make comments about how he’s never been this serious about any other girl in his life.
  19. He makes it crystal clear that he wants you to only be his.
  20. He never forgets to text you a sweet good morning and good night text.
  21. Because he wants to constantly remind you that you’re the one for him.
  22. You’ve completely made him change his old ways, and he did that all on his own.
  23. He asks you to officially meet his family and tells you that they’d absolutely adore you.
  24. And, he finally tells you that he’s in love with you and only you.

You’re the girl he’s been waiting for this whole time.

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