Dream Job? Find Your New Career Path With These Easy Steps

Your dream job awaits

Work Work Work

How are you feeling at your job these days? Are you pumped to go into work and to share your ideas? Or are you getting the Sunday blues in prep for those Monday woes? A new year and a new decade can mean a new career path. Maybe you are looking to make a lateral move at the company that you are already working at. Or you want to make a switch to a completely new career.

Either way, it cannot hurt to advance your skill set. Learn how to create efficiencies and get things done. Here are some ways that you can improve your chances of getting that promotion and making more paths available for your career.

Create A Vision Board

Believe it or not, a vision board is a great way to help you envision your dream job. By listing your priorities and visualizing your interests, you will be one step closer. So use pinterest, or clip images and words from a magazine, or simply write down pros and cons of your current workday to narrow down where you would prefer your career path to take you.

Cleanup Your Resume

Even if you are not currently looking for a job, a fresh resume is a great way to get a reality check. And it lets you and others know your education and work history. Moreover, an updated resume is an empowering way to remind yourself of all of your accomplishments and just how far you have come.

So upload your latest work history to your LinkedIn profile. Who knows, maybe you will be approached by a potential new employer.

There are many non profit search firms out there can get you in front of your next potential employer.