Get the Most Money for Your Junk RV with These Selling Strategies

Any RV owner will tell you how much fun it is to own one; at the same time, they’ll tell you how difficult it is to maintain one. And when the time comes to unload the camper van, you’ll want the best possible price for it. So if you typed the words “how can I sell my junk RV?” in your search engine, and it led you here, then you’re in the right place. We’ll break down the best strategies to get the most from your junk RV.

Pick the Right Time

You may earn a substantial profit if you are wise about the timing and the selling approach. Timing is one of the most important factors; you’ll want to post your junk RV during peak demand. RVs are in great demand throughout the summer, so if you want to sell yours, that’s the ideal time to do it.

Try Using Consignment

Another suitable alternative could be through consignment. It involves working with a dealer who does the listing and selling on your behalf for a commission. Moreover, there are many RV dealerships that will sell your RV for you in exchange for a fee. Opting for this alternative might get you a higher price compared to if you sold it personally. It’s also possible your RV will move quicker since many RV dealerships already have a solid customer base.

Tidy Up

Customers on the market looking to buy an RV want something neat. They wouldn’t like to be reminded of the fact that the car isn’t new or in top shape. As such, de-cluttering will give the impression that the RV is spacious. This will also help clients to imagine where they’ll keep their belongings.

If you want to get top dollar for your RV, you must ensure it’s in great shape inside and out. The seller may use any defect, however little, as bargaining leverage to lower the asking price. If you put in the time and effort, you can prevent them from exploiting this loophole. Failing to fix issues and clean up might turn off potential buyers of a used RV.

Furnish Your RV

The interiors of recreational vehicles have a reputation for being tacky and outdated. So add some flair by sprucing it up with some new shower curtains, stylish cushions, and throw rugs. Even switching out the cabinet knobs is a cheap and easy way to improve the appearance of your RV. Also, remember to replace the garbage cans in the kitchen and the restroom.

Take Quality Pics

Take nice pictures of your RV in a place with a nice background. Instead of concrete walkways and roads, why not have some lush green grass, trees, and water features? Ensure you photograph the RV with the awning extended and storage doors closed. Then take another shot with the awning redacted and storage doors open. It’s a good idea to snap some close-up shots of the utilities, tires, and anything else that stood out to you as a buyer.

You should also take detailed photos of the inside, especially of the kitchen, bathroom, and main bedroom. Always take more pictures than you think you’ll need. Although you obviously can’t include all of the photographs in the ad, letting potential buyers know that many more are available may encourage them to get in touch. You’ll be pleased you took pictures of the bedroom and the leveling jacks in case someone urgently needs to see them.

Provide All the Necessary Documentation

Maintaining the original documentation shows that you took good care of the RV. In addition, it will ease the prospective buyer’s concerns about being stuck with a lemon. Along with the original paperwork, also include service records, receipts, and other relevant documents.

The Bottom Line

Ensuring you have all the proper documents, quality photos, and a clean, presentable vehicle will get it sold quickly and at a good price. That’s particularly the case if you list your RV for sale at the right time.