How to make Money Online

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People are always looking for novel ways to make money online to gain financial freedom. A recent TechRepublic Survey report claimed that the domination of the remote workforce in the past decade has grown by an incredible 400%.


More people are earning money online because of SaaS cloud technologies’ rising popularity and evolution of supporting tech that makes it easier for masses to access, work, and connect remotely using an ultra-speed connection, wifi devices, and powerful smartphones.


In the digital world, there are many examples of people who are making money online. You can find the Accountant-cum-baker, the stay-at-home dad who consults for large multinationals through video calling, or the student who sells her illustrations on the web. The examples are endless, and the routes are unlimited.


So which route will you take? This blog will cover the exciting and creative ways in which you can make money online.

Sell a product online

Most items sold online are not fancy tech gadgets but regular things that make people’s lives easier. For instance, a new parent quits his job and opens an online store selling easy-to-use baby items that hundreds of people need. Many people in the pandemic lost their jobs and found a way to sell their pickles, handmade items, and hardware items online.


Unfortunately, e-commerce is crowded, and competing to be on the top page requires capital and aggressive promotion. So what do you do? A simple and proven way is to build a community large enough to cover your capital cost. This community comprises people who are genuinely interested in your product and are your future loyal customer.

Fostering a quality community is the key to building an email list for email marketing. Know more about how to build an email list from this guide here. When you are ready with your products and services, you can easily reach out to your community, using email marketing to engage with them.


Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular routes for making money online. In affiliate marketing, you take someone else’s products or services and promote it for them. If you can make a sale, you get a certain percentage of commission. The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to take care of anything apart from promotion, but the disadvantage is that you won’t get paid unless you make a sale.


Earn through selling photos and videos

The online world is a wonderful place to be. Here you can sell almost anything, like the gorgeous photos and the shareable videos that you capture during your travels or historical tours. Stock websites and many design services require a stock library of millions of pictures and videos which users can access. In doing so, freelancers can sell copyrighted photos and videos to them in return for a fee. Such websites include Canva, Shutterstock, Images, Foto, etc.


Write and sell an e-book

If you have had the writer’s bug always inside you, this is the time to let it shine. If you have an expertise in the writing field, use it to earn an extra income from. Besides that, services like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing enable you as a writer to self publish your book even if there are no takers for it. The advantage in doing so is that an author will get a large percentage of profit and a step-by-step guide to create, publish and promote your ebook.


Be an online video editor 

Editing videos can be artistic and professional. Digital content creators, marketers, brands post videos promptly and they need a steady flow of videos for promotional materials. Enter online video editors. The expansion of video editing to reach more people has led to a boom in the sector. Popular and reliable online video editors like InVideo Is making online video editing as simple as writing. What’s more? Clients pay a good amount of money for professional and quality videos.


Become a virtual executive

If there is one thing that the pandemic of 2020 has revealed for the future workforce, it is this — A reasonable percentage of work can be done purely online. Fortune 500 companies are expanding their network of virtual executives and paying handsomely. A virtual executive manages, coordinates, and operates with a team, enabling faster work and optimization of resources. If you have the skills of being organized, remote working, and technical knowledge, your future as a virtual executive is bright.

Teach an online course

Pandemic has completely redefined and restructured the education system. Online courses that earlier captured only 10% of the teaching market, have grown 10x after the pandemic. An online course is your perfect getaway to make money online. Today the world is at the cusp of a significant change where online courses will become part of the teaching curriculum. Are you an expert in Analytics, Marketing, or Mathematics?. Whichever is your field of expertise, there is an audience base for your online course.


Write online content 

Is reading, researching, writing, and wordplay your thing? Then consider yourself incredibly lucky because you can become a content writer and make a five-figure salary online. There are many platforms for content writers to meet clients and for clients to meet quality content writers. If you think you can write effectively, communicate smartly and stick to deadlines, then this is the best place for you.


The written word has incredible power to connect with the audience and engage people online. It is a bonus if you know about marketing or copywriting beforehand. If you don’t, do you want to know more about copywriting here? Let us know in the comments!


Become an online gamer

The exponential rise of online gaming can be credited to the fact that professional gaming has become a field where you can earn good money. There are world tournaments that encourage gamers to showcase their skills and win sizable prize money. Games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, are some popular games raking in millions for young gamers.


There is a wide range of audiences who participate in these world tournaments and eventually want to play games by watching game walkthroughs on YouTube. Online gamers create a YouTube gaming channel or a Facebook Gaming page where they take people through the characters’ journey and help individuals overcome hurdles they find themselves stuck in. The world of online gaming is relatively new, but a highly specialized one — If your interests lie in online gaming and you have the right gear, consider yourself at the cusp of a new profession which will grow dramatically.



Making money online is not just about making a few quick bucks. Similar to any other profession, it is also about professionalism, work ethic, and dedication to your field. Wherever your interests and skills may lie and whatever your reasons might be —  to generate a side income or join the digital workforce – the best way to make money online is to play to your strengths.

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