Making Money While Enjoying Exciting Games: Top Ways To Do It


Nearly every person in the United States has an internet connection. The internet has given people the opportunity to achieve financial independence doing the things that they love, such as playing games online. If playing games is something that you enjoy, then you can turn it into a full-time job if you want to. However, before you can achieve financial independence by playing online games, you need to conduct a little research and must educate yourself. This post will simplify that research for you, by explaining how you can make money from playing games:


Crypto Investment

A method of making money that’s unrelated to gaming but is still very prolific in the gaming community is investing in cryptocurrencies. The reason that gamers are heavily involved in crypto investment is that in order to be a gamer today, you have to be tech-savvy. Most gamers are members of online communities and have group chats on platforms like Discord. In these places, they discuss money-making ideas with one another and share crypto information. In addition to being able to make money from crypto on its own, it’s also possible to bet with it. There are Ethereum gambling sites online, as well as Bitcoin ones, among many others. You can use these sites to place bets, as well as participate in live tournaments. In terms of live tournament games, poker is the most popular game.

Playing Esports

Esports stands for electronic sports, and it’s an extremely effective way of making money on the internet. You can either bet on esports or you can participate in them, as a member of an esports team. The winners of esports tournaments sometimes win very large cash prizes. The most common games played in esports tournaments are sports-related, although it’s also possible to find combat games like Call of Duty being played. In order to play esports, you will need to join an existing team. There are lots of forums and Discord rooms available where you can apply for positions in esports teams.

Game Streaming

One of the most lucrative ways of making money as a gamer is not playing esports though, but instead, streaming video games on live-streaming platforms like Twitch. Many of the esports world’s most prominent players made their start in game streaming (and many continue to stream games, despite their success as esports players). The way that you make money from game streaming is through receiving tips and donations, in addition to sponsorships and ad revenue. You can also publish videos on YouTube, but that’s something that will be addressed next. If you are going to stream games, then it’s a good idea to stream the latest releases, so that you can attract people who haven’t purchased them yet and want to see if they’re worth it.

Video Tutorials

Video game tutorials are becoming very popular online. You can register a YouTube account, and then begin posting your own. If you are going to post video tutorials, then you will need to have highly-advanced video editing software, in addition to screen recording equipment. If you want to stand out, then it’s a very good idea to research and learn how to use video editing software effectively, so that you can produce your own introductions and perform your own edits.

Private Wagers

If you have a large number of friends in the gaming community, then you could place private bets with them. You don’t need a bookmaker’s help with this. You can simply arrange the terms and conditions of your bets with your friends. Private betting is very popular among gamers. Some gamers actually hold their own online tournaments, with the winners receiving large payouts. This isn’t only something that you can do online though. If you have a large friendship circle, then you could bet with each other on the outcome of video game matches and even sports games.

Testing Games

One last method of making money from games online involves testing out games, which haven’t been released to the public yet. It can be difficult to get into game testing, because it’s a line of work that’s very popular, and therefore, job listings receive thousands of applications. The best way to stand out as a video game tester is to have experience in gaming, and then develop a portfolio. Gamers with portfolios are more likely to be selected than those who just apply with a resume. Working as a game tester can be very lucrative.

If you want to enjoy exciting games while making money, then there are a lot of different things that you can do. If you want to make money from online games, then you need to be dedicated and determined. Remember, there are a lot of other people that want to make money the same way. You need to stand out against them.